Adam5811 November 3, 2016

“It is important that we have a medal thanks to Karolina and that this time we will not leave the European Championship without it,” replied coach Petr Novák. “And I’m very happy with Nikki’s seventh place.” 25-year-old Karolina Erban in the World Cup this season reached a distance of 500 meters four times, in the last three cases always behind a trio of Asian rivals.

This time, however, she found two slayers from the old continent.

She started at the last race and knew she needed time 37.69 for gold.This excellent performance, unique on the lowland runways, at that time was led by the 22-year-old Austrian Vanessa Herzog and she was greatly celebrating the goal.

Erban in the pair with Italian Daldossi started the first hundred in 10.51 as before Herzog. The goal then broke for 38.18, which was a bronze medal at 49th. In front of her, the silver Russian Angelina Golikova was given a fortnight.

“One hundred in 10.5, Karolina was good. Then, from my point of view, the second turn was probably not perfect, “Novak commented.

The three women who walked 3rd to 5th place in the World Cup on the 500 meter course continued on the podium. In the cup are currently 3. Herzogová, 4. Erbanová, 5.

She won the fifth big medal of a career in the women’s category at the fourth leg of the former world champion at 1000 meters, Olga Fatkulinová. Last year, she was European champion in the Sprinter Quads, and in the winter of 2015 she celebrated the world bronze at 1,000 meters in the Sprinter Quads.

The top ten was attacked in Kolomn on the 500 meter track by Nikola Zdráhalová, who qualified for this championship of all distances.

In the second race, she beat Norsk Ripsrud and in time, 39.65, for her high-quality, took the lead.In the next round of the race, there were better eleven opponents, and Zdrahalova finally took the twelfth place.

In the following women’s race on the 1,500-meter track, Zdrahalova was in the elite tenth and was able to meet the goal set by coach Novak.Performance 1: 59,69 is behind its lows from the lowland tracks, which may have been reflected in the fact that the championship has gone from full training, but defeated safely in its seventh race the experienced Polka Zlotkowska and continued to lead again.

In the final billing, this was the seventh place.

“When Nikola finished her race, I did not believe he would be at the top of the Top 10 at the end,” Novak said. “But it turned out that ice is really hard here and it does not work. They found other very good speed skaters that ended up after Nikolou, as well as fifteen hundred men. ”

The title travels to the Netherlands and belongs in the excellent time of 1: 55,52 Lotte van Beek .The bronze woman at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games literally dominated, was more than a second quicker than the two biggest favorites of this distance, the silver home Yekaterina Sichova and the bronze Dutchman Marrit Leenstra.

Two more Czech competitors Natalia Kerschbaummayr and Eliška Dřímalová ranked 21st and 22nd.

The European Championship of Speed ​​Skaters, unlike in previous years, does not take place in a quad, but on individual tracks. This will be the case in the even years, while the odd will be again in the odd.

On Saturday, Erbanová, Kerschbaummayra and Dřímalová will be introduced on the course, Erbanova will be in the 9th pair against the strong Dutch Leenstra .Retired coach Novak from the thousand pulled back to concentrate on 3000 meters. “There it should again attack the Top 10.”

Three Kerschbaummera and Dřímalová will again come again.

The 5,000m race will be run by Sebastian Druszkiewicz.