Adam5811 August 21, 2016

More than five months out of the game. He had badly injured his knee, had to do the surgery, and then he started to straighten his leg from the start. “It really hurt a while and the leg was wrong. I was glad I had to get out of the bedroom for breakfast and back, “says the 35-year-old striker of the Czech engine engine Lukáš Květoň.

The experienced hockey player has missed Antonin Stavjani’s team in the April barrage of the extralig and the introduction of the new league first. Meanwhile, he has only made two matches – home against Frýdek-Místek and Vsetín. “I was playing well. Physically it was okay because I was getting ready for the return.But, of course, I still need to get into the game tactically, “says Květoň, who has no limit on the knee in training and training and can play at full. “I’m not trying to think on the ice on my knees.”

The return to the report could be made more pleasant by shooting a goal. In the second period against Frýdek-Místek his opponent fouled and the striker Motor got a chance in the penalty shot. But the gate was not the end of it.

“Frankly, the raid did not happen at all,” he smiles. “I went to Stříček (goalkeeper Jan Strmeň), who knows me well from Chomutov and I, but I wanted to do something else altogether. But I can not, after half a year, want miracles.It would be nice to score a goal in the first game, but at least I was glad to have won, “says Lukáš Květoň, who watched the first two home games this time only from the stand.

From the slower start of České Budějovice, forvard does not worry yet. “So far, it’s about fighting, gaming is slower. The form will go down after Christmas, when you want it to be a hundred percent. ”

Although Lukáš Květoň has been doing hockey for many years, long treatment has been a novelty for him. “It was the first time in my career when I was so hurt. I’m glad it came after now, because I really would not want anyone.”I think that’s a lot of influence on his career,” says the Budweiser striker.

“When I count it, I was three months old for the crutches and the first three weeks after surgery I was quite useless. The beginnings were really terrible, but then it was pretty good, “he added.

Lukáš Květoň had a lot of time thinking, so he thought for a while that he could end up with professional hockey.

“I have to admit that I had such an urge. I did not get the best after the surgery, and I was wondering if I was going to run anymore. I am not the youngest and such injuries are sometimes fatal for a hockey player.But luckily, the knee after three months looked very good, so I could afford to go for ice, which was what the doctors wondered, “Květoň describes the times after the surgery, saying that even if he did not get injured, he already thinks his hockey career will not continue forever. “You will not stop, that’s it,” he says clearly.

Květoň will not miss in the Motors against Třebíč match, which starts in the Budvar arena at 17.30. The hosts are in the third table and the guests are blind. The next match will be held by Budějovičtí on Saturday in Ústí nad Labem. On Monday, they will welcome the current leader of the Karlovy Vary competition.