Adam5811 August 24, 2016

Not only for his body structure, he has chosen to lead the first-of-a-kind Budějovický Engine together with the main trainer Antonín Stavjana. And after eleven rounds it seems to be a successful selection.

Galamboš is currently the fifth best player in team stats with seven Canadian points. Both in the summer preparation and in the sharp matches gave three goals. And just two in the match with the selection of South Korea. Yet he is not too happy yet.

“Given the number of chances I have, it is still very weak. But I was never a sharp sharpshooter, unfortunately. Maybe it will break in Budějovice and it will start to fall more. It would be worse if I did not get into the chances, “says the Slovak ice hockey player in Budějovické services.Coach Antonín Stavjaňa constantly encourages him to take a shot at the goal.

“That’s what’s going on with my career. I often figure out what to do with a puck instead of a bullet. But it’s about making a decision in one second, but I’m still trying to work to improve my shooting, “says a player who has also won 49 matches with five goals in the Czech Extraly in the jersey of Liberec and 377 matches in the Slovak Supreme Competition he gave a total of 75 goals.

But better engine performance does not work on Motors, it’s a problem for the team. In the last five matches, Jihocey just scored eight goals. Why is it? “Of course we have a lot of shooting exercises, but it’s different than in the game.At that speed in the game you have to hit perfectly. Maybe this is because a lot of players do not play together for a long time and they need more time to play. I hope we break it, because we did a lot in the preparation, “Galamboš thinks. “We are able to overcome our opponents, we are creating pressure, but it does not matter. Then we have to fight the matches just like now with Vary and I hope that this victory will help us, “he hopes the protracted Ford Forward.

Just 2: 1 on the table leader from Karlovy Vary, the Moto hockey players made a taste for the unsuccessful performances of the previous matches. Especially when they lost 0: 2 on Saturday in Ústí nad Labem.

“I cheer it just like fans when we lose 0: 1 in Kadani.Perhaps we are better in such games, but there is still a kind of cramping. Then you play with the favorite of the competition and it comes out. Again, we need to make a longer series of wins to calm down. I understand that it looks stupid when we lose 0: 2 with Ousta and we are in the second table and they are devastating.But no one has let it go, but it sometimes happens in hockey, “says Galamboš.

The last duel, however, made the Slovak and distinctive positives of Budějovice as well as most of the audience. “With Karlovy Vary, it looked like a play-off game, there were ruptures, everyone was hungry and the game had a great level,” said Galamboš, who remarked one more thing after he met the leader of the first league table.

“The match with Vary was definitely higher than the match in the Slovak extralize,” says Galamboš. “I expect that four more, five matches will be as good as Slovakia.Overall, there are a lot of skating here, you have young players here and the first league is not a very easy competition, “he says after the eleven played rounds, the striker, who once again looked into the Czech league in the Czech league in the team of Venice nad Jizerou in the 2012/2013 season. He played six games in Central Bohemia in which he collected eight Canadian points for three goals and five recordings. Then he left to play Martin’s native Martin back home. “I certainly do not regret going to Budějovice. I needed a change, I played in the Slovak league for a long time and here is a big challenge to get to the Czech highest competition. I was particularly interested in the Motors, “says Galamboš, who does not want to admit the pressure from the sponsors, club leaders and spectators. “A professional should probably not perceive it.When you start solving that you have a whip above you, you will be in a bucket. Pressure must be put aside and concentrate on the match, teammate and tactics, “he points out.

In the last matches, coaches Antonín Stavjana and Martin Štrba assistant played the role of the second center. He played with Karlovy Vary with Lukáš Květoně and Vlastimil Dostálek.

“At the beginning I played with Martin Novák but he, unfortunately, wounded. With him, the game in the club was the most saddled. Vlasta Dostálek was a bit troubled at first, but now he plays very well. He is a fighting boy, and Lukáš Květon, I think he has fallen into our formation, “he said.

The next player in the Budějovický Moto is waiting for another round.The South Boys play in Kladno from 18 o’clock and on Saturday they end the first quarter of the base part with home matches. In the thirteenth round, Přerov arrives in the Budvar arena and starts playing at 5 pm