Adam5811 March 8, 2016

For Dukly fans, the twelve-year triumph of the Jihočes is unforgettable. Like this year, when Dukla is fighting with Karlovy Vary, Litvínov and Prague Slavi, the Highland team entered the interlining competition as an outsider. “It was a situation in which we had nothing to lose. We were not favorites, we could only surprise, “recalls the then captain Dukly Oldrich Bakus. “Everybody told us we had no chance.” But…”We had a good manchaft, they were on the winning wave. We won the first match in an extension, and they were nervous, “Bakus continues. “They had to, pressure was on them. And we were able to use it. ”

The Dukla barrage also fell a year later.This time she had a much bitter flavor for her. Ceske Budejovice, which after a year in the second highest competition wanted to go back, Jihlava succumbed 1: 4 to the matches.

“We went into the barrage with the fact that we were in the extralization of a lot of matches. It was already psychologically difficult, “says Bakus. “In addition, he was locked out and Budějovice had players from the NHL,” reminds stellar reinforcements – goalkeeper Romano Turka, a pair of defenders Radek Martinek, Andrew Ference and offensive duo Radek Dvorak, Václav Prospal. “It was hard. We tried, but unfortunately.It’s how it happened, “regrets Bakus.

The former Jihlava defender Marian Morava has a wealth of experience in participating in the contest. “I have graduated with Duklou four,” remembers Bek, who also helped in 1996 in the interlining competition to the second highest competition and nearby Třebíč. “In fact, since I started to go for guys, I was playing a barrage,” she smiles.

In the battles that can send this to paradise but also to hell, according to Moravia, . “Of course, it is quite different when it comes to rescue than when you play the game,” he says.

“If you win the first league and go to the barrage, you can try it.You are in euphoria, in lauf, “he remembers. “On the contrary, when you fight for rescue, during the season you will not win much and no phazon will meet you.”

The striker was literally a striker, Patrick Fink, at the time. He first helped maintain the highest competition in Jihlava (1997), then gradually penetrated with Znojmo (1999), Kladno (2003), Duklou (2004) and Ústí nad Labem (2006). I would not remember. I wanted to defeat her because I did not leave Jihlava in good time, “he says, fighting against the mother club in the colors of the Orleans in Znojmo. “When I returned to Dukla, I was glad that Jihlava returned to the extralig.Just for one season, “he added.