Adam5811 September 27, 2016

If Filip Jicha was an active athlete, it was an estimate of his own abilities. And it seems he’ll be able to do this after a career.

“I’m studying a coach license, and when they showed us how to do training in kids, I realized I was not a good method. That I had to learn everything – I do not have this, “says 35-year-old Jicha. “What I understand is a top-level tactic.”

So now a former player said. The exceptionally successful career of the Czech coupling ended two years earlier than the original contract in Barcelona. A harder rival than two-meter-old guys showed the state of a bruised and operated body.

So what’s next?First complete pause. “I am now a family man and the father of two children who are bigger and have a better mind,” she says about Valery’s daughter and her son Vincent, who is watching the handball on TV much more often than for Careers: “They want a lot and they can keep the whole game, they’re a bit short of them.”

There are no material reasons for hurrying to work. “We do not live above all standard; it’s the life we ​​want to lead. We cook at home and take care of children, “said the world’s best handballman for 2010.” Maybe in the summer I could study, study, collect incentives. Then I would go into something – any way. ”

When and how?Here’s the help.

Jicha himself says, “I can not sit for a long time and do nothing.” And when he starts a new assignment, he should relate to what he stood out: I carry in my heart, I love her. I can not imagine I left her completely. “In seven years in the German Grand Club of Kiel and two years in Barcelona, ​​he gained unique sporting know-how. “I’ve spent much of my career in the best clubs in the world,” says Jicha, which is not immaturity, but a factual statement.

That’s why they are not seen in the drobotin, but in the top boys. So in “your” environment: “I have a vision and an idea. I always talked to handball, I was the right hand of the coach.In the future, I would like to try to take over the team and try to convey my vision and ideas. “Why not once in Barcelona, ​​where they appreciated its influence on the young. Why not again in Kiel, with whom Alfred Gislason, a renowned coach, is bound by friendship and mutual respect: “We were important to each other. We are talking together relatively often. ”

Currently, it is only certain that he is not going back home.

” For the time being, we stay in Barcelona, ​​children go to school, “he says. “For me it is not possible to do Czech handball and live elsewhere, it certainly does not.I have drawn the inspiration on the absolute top, and in such a spirit I would like to pass it on. ”

Hurry does not have to be enough.