Adam5811 January 27, 2016

On Sunday in New Town at the World Cup, he decided to win the final photo. A huge portion of the forces took third victory in the Nina Schurter series in the Czech Republic.

Two days later, the Swiss routine felt a lot of fatigue in the pedals. The sharp outposts of the Old Town made him take care of him. Gradually, Schurter fell through the result order.

Still, he enjoyed the audience. He continued to smile, grew up on the track and did not forget the acrobatic finesse: following Peter Sagan’s pattern, a three-time world champion on the road, he ran a few meters behind the back wheel, dropping his hands out of the handlebars.

that he fell. He reached the finish line in 23rd place.He gave up interviews and threw racing gloves in the crowd of fans.

This year’s home race, which has already dominated the competition, did not succeed Jaroslav Kulhavý this year. The Olympic winner from London has dropped out of the first row since the start of the first row.

After the first round of eleven he left the race.

The victory was fought by others. A large group was formed at the front, with Fabian Gigger, the former winner of the Prague Stairs. The driver of the Kross stables in Poland was in the first climb to Jánský vrch.However, David Valero attacked the last tens of meters.

The Swiss was no longer able to react to Spaniard acceleration.

The best of the Czechs was the fifth Matouš Ulman, who had long been on the fourth position with a bronze medalist from Carlos Coloma. Ondřej Cink finished ninth.

. So: 1. Neff, 2.Wloszczowska and 3. Škarnitzlová.

And in the same order after more than 30 minutes, the target space was broken.

In the second round, the trio headed off the race. The Czech representative dominated the Jánský vršek in a brutal climb and always went to the first goal area. Kross was slightly behind the pair behind the pair from the Kross team.

The Czechs lost a lot of contact in the middle of the race, but in the technical passage they were in Switzerland with Polka docvakla. Neff has left the decisive attack until the penultimate crash.

With the increase of the pace, Škarnitzlova kicked off, Wloszczowska just had fun on the back.

At the start of the Prague Stage, Neff fell soberly for the victory .But she liked it too soon: when she walked through Neruda Street at the starting point, she raised her hands victoriously and helped the audience. At that time still a sympathetic Swiss waited for the final hike to the Prague castle.

But it eventually managed.

“It was an extremely heavy premiere. Mainly because I thought the target line was where the start was. (laughs), “Neff told her in the finish. “I sprinted there and then found out that the target was elsewhere. So I had to go all the way up to the Castle. I’m happy to have done it anyway. “