Adam5811 July 17, 2016

The London Olympic Stadium, once again, again, so beautiful atmosphere. But there is something different. Unfortunately. “That’s life. One has to whack, “the tears are suddenly smiling at the tall girl in her eyes. In the autumn, it will be three years for her father to be in the British metropolis at the 2012 Olympics.

But it was more fortunate for her on Saturday. “He definitely helped me. She is here with me, “she said, when she achieved her life success. After studying the second qualifying group, she just got to the final of the World Championship.

And my father’s thoughts did not go away. “I remembered before the third.I remember it very often, “she said. “I always wanted to, but when I did not, he was leaving the stadium. I know that if he was here now, he would leave for my third attempt, then he would come back – and he told me that I did it because he left. ”

In her discipline Czechoslovakia never had female deputy in the World Cup finals. Moments of tension stood for it. “I could push myself there,” Safranko believed in her qualification.

It was already a job with everything. “I was very nervous,” she admitted.After breakfast she went to the gym, then came to the giant arena, but it was the importance of the moment: “Before the first game, I started to roll and it was terribly difficult. I could not but breathe and say, “Oh my God, what am I supposed to do? So when I lay down and put my feet up. ”

When she had mastered her last attempt, she had to believe that she would not match more than seven of her other competing opponents. I managed to – and from Czech Republic is finally the 11th female order.

“I’m not such a bastard to leave and do not care. I’ll be sitting on the platform, maybe stressed and tired at every turn, “she smiled. “And if the final comes out, I will not have much to lose.There he has to get to the top of it. ”

The extraordinary race at an extraordinary place will be on Monday at 20:00 CEST. And he wants to enjoy it all the way.

“When people start to applaud, it’s unreal. Great. Now, in qualifying, it may have been a bad thing for me, the big race of the man will cling. But I believe it will help in the final. I’m going to be relaxed and I’m going to charge it, “she’s optimistic.

So luck luck in London is the second time.