Adam5811 September 27, 2016

A tough moment, after which Sparta did not crouch and lost at home 0: 1, just underlined the unsuccessful performance of Israeli midfielder on Sunday’s leagues. And, in fact, his entire engagement in the Czech Republic.

When he signed the Letter of Summer, he smiled and planned, “I can prove that Sparta wanted me right. I know what is waiting for me: to make decisions, to play a lot of goals, to play for them. “Israeli television for him bought the rights to the games of the Czech league, and the Spartan fans could not wait to win for 76 million crowns will see in action.

Meanwhile, the most expensive poster in the history of the competition has shown desperately little. She came up with the best references. Evil fast. An amazing technician. Representative.The goal is to prepare for the game itself.

It sounded all right, but now returning to reality: What is it that the Israeli midfielder in the Czech Republic has shown so far?

After a solid debut against the Bohemians, foul shot a penalty kick, but it did not surprise. A zero goal, one assists, a minimum of successful breaks, but a lot of filming falls, lost balls and frequent conjecture with the judges. So this is supposed to be the super star from which the whole league will be?

“Honestly, I was a little afraid it would look like this. I’m not sure if Tal has the right mentality to go abroad, “says Ori Cooper, a former Israeli football scout and editor of the Jediot Achronot daily.

Israeli media have already noticed how a representative in the Czech Republic is suffering.And after a weekend match with Pilsen, praise will also not come. The game again showed that Ben Chaim is getting used to the new environment slowly.

On the lawn, he jumped in place of the impassive Shural after forty-four minutes, but instead of helping Sparta, he broke down. Several times he took up the action or lost the ball, no passes or loopholes.

If he excelled in something, then he was just a bright green kicker. And the guys were talking about the game because the ballooning midfielder seemed unlikely to choose the tricycle right now: he slipped a few more times.

“Come on…Tal is a 28-year-old representative. I expect he can choose the right football, “coach Andrea Stramaccioni defended. “When this happened for the first time, I asked him if everything was all right.But I will not control his shoes before the match. ”

Meanwhile, Ben Chaim may seem to need special treatment. He was accustomed to Israel from where he was behind the Maccabi Tel Aviv: they all glorified him, and he was behind the star. But he’s in the Czech Republic.

Occasionally he’s playing lax on the pitch, poorly defending, hard to cope with hardness. When his opponent pushes a bit, he turns to the lawn and looks at the referee at the unexpected side: What does not he do here?

His story seemed to symbolize the whole gigantic project of the new Sparta who has been trying to train a coach since summer Stramaccioni. Great investment, great expectations…And a bitter disillusion.

How could Ben Chaim shine at home – last season he scored eighteen goals and won seven, and Sparta was like that?

of the greatest talents our country ever had. But football is not just about talent, “says journalist Cooper. “He knew already in Israel that he was not always working as hard as he should. Sometimes he sinned at his speed: he thought he was going to do all by himself. ”

If he wanted to get the same attitude in the Czech league, he probably figured it would not work. He will have to add a lot to break the curse that seems to have been the case with most of the players with the record label.

Who paid for the crazy figures in the Czech Republic really paid off?Perhaps Štěpán Vachoušek in Slavia. The other expectations have not been met, and more or less are the high expectations: whether they were named Binič, Nečas, Németh, or van Kessel.

The last two record transfers were directed by Sparta. And while Vaclav Kadlec is slowly starting to convinced that Křetínský club boss did not blow the window seven hundred million, Ben Chaim is worried.

“Surely he can play better. Everyone, and above all, we want more from him, “said Stramaccioni after a match with Pilsen.

Sparta would need a productive wing. But how long can it wait to wait for Ben Chaim to become accustomed to the Czech Republic?