Adam5811 March 11, 2016

The World Anti-Doping Agency WADA published in November last year a report describing state-controlled doping in Russian athletics and covering it with responsible officials. For example, the name of the former longtime head of the national athletic association, Vladimir Balachničev, was associated with the amount of 450,000 euros paid by marathonka Lilija Šobuchova in order to avoid the punishment for doping.

The Office of the Prosecutor General has carefully studied the case and he did not find a single legal ground on which to initiate criminal proceedings, “said Mutko Sportfakt.After the publication of the WADA report, Russian athletes were indefinitely excluded from international competitions. At the same time, Mutko officially admitted that Russia had to withdraw some of its athletes from international competitions because they were threatening to have a positive test of meldonium. This drug has been widely distributed in Russian sport, but this year’s list of banned substances. This has led to dozens of positive tests that have not been avoided by world stars of the type of tennis player Marie Sharapova.

Mutually confirming the unofficial information came a day after Russia exchanged the entire team on the day before the World Championship of the 1998 hockey players and replaced by the players of the year younger.Sports Minister said that some of the players took Meldonium at a time when it was still permitted, but the officials were afraid that the traces of the substance still remain in their body.

“If an athlete or team took in October or November, we have no certainty whether this will happen now. We minimize the risk, “Mutko told TASS. President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretiak called Thursday downloading a team up to 18 years for “tactical”.

The events around eighteen hockey was another of those cases where the Russian team changed at the last minute due to the threat of doping report findings. The day before the world championship in curling, the whole male team was replaced, which subsequently lost nine matches out of eleven.In the rebound of the CEV Cup final of the volleyball team, Ugra Surgut’s club did not fit his best players without a clear reason and with Berlin at home he lost smoothly 0: 3.