Adam5811 August 21, 2016

Ideas will definitely be more about getting rid of extra-league misery that is not guilty yet of the club’s leadership.

It’s just that he has signals that even the premiere participation in the Champions League has not yet met, what is expected of a possible top European competition.

Will the Hockey Team in Halle in Montpellier find enough internal strength to win the performance to be on the Champions League? > They should. After all, the name of the opponent is already respectful and for every player it should be a matter of prestige to defeat him.The Swiss champion of Bern, a respected European club that can boast of one of Europe’s leading primates in the long run, is almost always in Hradec: it almost ends up among all European hockey clubs at the first place in attendance at home league games.

p> How to play in such a boiler, Hradec will try next week for a retaliation in Bern, it will also be his farewell to the core group of the competition.

However, Wednesday’s match can greatly help them not to last in the whole year.While Mountfield has lost three of the four games he has played so far, he still has a fairly decent chance of moving to the eliminating part of the Champions League.

Before the match, the last one in the group is losing only two points . And if against the leading Swiss team today he will be back in the game.

“With the Swiss style of hockey we have already met at the Spengler Cup. They play fast active hockey and try to push the goal. The coaches gave us some of their matches to know and find some system to play against them.I’m curious about how the game will look like, “says Hradec goalkeeper Patrik Rybár, who returned to the set after a long injury, before the game against Bern.

The Hradec is going to part of the season, which will bring them more than a busy schedule . After all, from Sunday to Sunday, five days, there will be three matches, besides Bernard’s two extra-league games. And the frantic match pace will continue in the next two weeks when they are always waiting for three matches within six days.

The Champions League match between Mountfield and Bern in Hradec will begin at 6 pm.