Adam5811 March 8, 2016

Coach Tomas Matusik did not spare a positive attitude to the charge. “They showed excellent performance. The result clearly looks for the home team, but we had the most part of the game under their control and the favorites played. The performance was really good, “said the head coach.

The Tábors went to the farm of the extra-league Třinec with humility to a favorite of the first-round qualification, but without much worry. This was confirmed at the very beginning, when especially the camp defenders employed goalkeeper Šimboch. However, the chance of guest Vaniš and Boháč failed on a great catch Slovak goalie.Tomáš Káňa was the only keeper of the Kloster’s home team.

And just an attacker with experience from the overseas NHL opened the score even in the middle of the act when he used a quick counterattack. “There are several players in the squad who have recently joined the extra-league Třinec, plus they are absolute professionals,” said Matusik. The unfavorable score was triggered by the enormous pressure of the Tábor team, which only disturbed the 3-0 power-shot shot of Frýdek-Místek Kowalczyk.

“We’ve had a great lesson on productivity. The opponents really dropped everything that he had taken. On the contrary, we hit three times a stick or a very good goalkeeper. This game definitely decided.We have to focus on the end, “Matusik says.

The hope for Táborská was shaken by Marek Vaniš, who narrowed the gap in two goals. Here he quickly shuffled at the beginning of the final period, reaching Franek, which increased to 4: 1. Now they are preparing for the Jordanian outdoor match in Jablonec nad Nisou. However, coach Matusik admits that a match with a clear favorite of a three-member group may be a good jump to other fights.

“If we bind to such a performance and will be lucky with us, we can repay them. But now we are focusing on the Jablonec match on Monday, where we should have a similar result, “he says after the first round, when the Tábors won unambiguously 8: 2.The next match is held by Tábor hockey players on Monday afternoon at Jablonec nad Nisou. Three days later, Frýdek-Místek will be appearing again in front of his audience.