Adam5811 October 31, 2016

“Barcelona will offer an offer worth 110 million euros plus 40 million in bonuses (over CZK 3.8 billion). Liverpool is willing to listen, but in an ideal case, he would like to receive compensation as soon as possible, “renowned Spanish journalist Guillem Balague wrote on Twitter.

Similarly, the media all over the world.

“Coutinho wants to leave in January and will not play the FA Cup Friday match against Everton,” adds Balague. suggests that Coutinho will actually leave Liverpool this time. Barcelona is ready for the arrival of the Brazilian representative.Just before the end of the year, the transfer was accidentally “announced” by Nike, who is dressed up by Barcelona footballers and is sponsored by Coutinho.

“Philipe Coutinho is ready to lighten the Camp Nou stadium,” she said. During the hour, the offer has disappeared.

Liverpool is a wise technician for the second time not wanting to defend himself on his way out. While the fourth team of the English League before the start of the season consistently refused Barcelona’s call and did not want Coutinha to release even for 125 million euros (3, 1 billion crowns). But the 25-year-old midfielder wanted to refrain from moving to the Catalan capital.Only a few hours after coach Jürgen Klopp announced that he would not sell him at any price, Coutinho asked for a transfer and then did not enter until mid-September.

Liverpool has been trying to save the situation on the last day of the transfer period, a tricking footballer unsuccessfully offered Barcelona for 200 million euros (5.2 billion crowns) for Coutinha, who in the current season “If Liverpool sold him now, he is seriously risking his placement in the top four and going to the Champions League,” says former defender Jamie Carragher.He proposed a solution to his former club.

“It would be best if Liverpool agreed with Barcelona on a big summer change, just as he had agreed with the arrival of Naby Keity. What does the club get when it lets it go now? “Sky Sports television asks. Liverpool can earn royal earnings on Coutinho – five years ago he brought him from Inter Milan for 13 million euros. Moreover, the expensive arrivals of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mohammed Salah, and lastly Virgil van Dijk need some sort of compensation.