Adam5811 March 8, 2016

“The signs are there. I will not say that NHL does not offer because I would lie. But now I do not want to deal with it because I have a valid contract in Omsk and I am concentrating on working in a representation in the world championship, “he says. But the contract at the Kempni club in Russia will expire in a month, and even during the season offers for his prolongation, the team from Siberia did not get upset. Instead, out of the city, he removed all things right after the quarter-final elimination. That he would have transferred KHL elsewhere? In fact, there are not many more lucrative hockey addresses in Russia.

They are all small indicia, yet they indicate (or at least do not reject) their move to the west. “I’ve always said the NHL is my dream.But now I leave it to the agent, because I do not know what’s going on, “he says diplomatically.

It would be foolish to think that the letters of the NHL are for Campsite sci-fi, a kind of unattainable course. Last year, a 25-year-old defender from Hodonin had a great interest in Carolina, but at the time, the engagement failed at the last minute due to administrative difficulties.

I made my name

Now his position is even stronger, Kempny is another, much better player after a year.Last year, he was only a sad substitute in the World Championship in Prague, who had been training with the team, but he was not trained in the tournament.

But then there was a move from the Brno Comet to Omsk, where he was awarded the best weekend in KHL in September. Later the awards came again and last time the leadership of the Russian League declared the best quarterback playoffs. Meanwhile, coach Josef Jandač has called his name for the World Cup, probably the biggest surprise of all nominations.

“I was moved. It is a great honor and a surprise for me, because I did not expect to be able to appear in the first nomination.Rather, I wanted to fight for the world championship and it would be there, “he says. “I made my debut in the national team last season, and in the year two I worked out and I’m in a good position right now. And I’m so glad I left a trail in KHL and build a name. ”

Although it has never been drafted (any club can reach it), it is not serious to talk about Kemp as a player for the NHL. The May world championship in Russia, which I hardly miss, can help the overseas managers to assert that the offensive defenders fit into the team.

“Last year, there were some hints, but it did not work. Maybe you can do that. But after the season we sit down with the agent, let’s take a look at all the options and then decide. ”

At the same time, there is a series of pitfalls before Kempny – if he nods to the NHL.He played only at the ice skating rink six years ago at the 20th Championship in Canada. Now in September, there will be a Game 2 test. “I believe I can do that.” It is also hardly anywhere overseas to gain the privileged position he had in recent seasons in Brno and Omsk, when he went to power plays and spent more on ice than 20 minutes.

The role will be different at one time. “I also tried to work and improve myself in Omsk,” he says. And that’s the best recipe for the NHL.