Adam5811 August 9, 2016

The guests from Uherské Hradiště, on the other hand, did not crown in the highest competition for the third consecutive time.

“I am extremely happy to have managed the game 1-0. Sports luck has come to our side. I appreciate the zeros, but my rival has had a lot of opportunities on my back and we have something to do next week, “Bohemians coach Martin Hasek said at the press conference.

The first chance was seen by the spectators in the fourth minute. The action of the Czechs ended with a hard shot of Dostál, but goalkeeper Heča made the ball. In about ten minutes, Slovácko almost struck. Havlík found a direct free kick from Hoffman and he fired up over the barrel.

Bartek did not open the score, but after the nice Reiter’s pass he missed the goal.The guests threatened practically only standard situations, after one of them Hoffman’s head kicked the defender’s goal Smid. “The Kangaroos” made more of the game, but Reiter just missed the technical missed break.

“At the first chance I should have given a clear goal, I should have pushed it with a plaid on the back stick. In the second situation, I shook my head, unfortunately, someone ran out of Bohemia and kicked it in front of the line. It was a bad luck. But if I had a goal, we would not have lost it here, “repressed Stanislav Hofmann.

Slovácko has entered the second half more actively. After a few inaccurate misses, the Danicek missed a great opportunity in the 53rd minute, but he did not overcome the attentive goalie Fryšták close.

Bohemians knocked in 65.minutes opened the score. Dostál sent the ball into the sixteen, alternating Tetteh did not get to the end, but free Hasek burned down the heat. ”

” It hit the back bar just moving me. I shot out of the election, I tried to get through the crossing player. I can not say that I was aiming somehow, but I was trying to hit the gate. It was successful, “said Hasek ml. Midfielder.

The home team had great luck in the 85th minute when Havlík hit the pole.On the other hand, the goalkeepers in the setup were also the substitute Mašek.

“If you do not have an opponent of five, six hundred percent chance or a goal, most of the time it is in football that you will get rid of one mistake you will lose the match, “said Slovakian coach Stanislav Levy. “You have not at least a point, but you deserve three points and you go home without a point. Fryšták – Slovácko finished today 1: 0, “added the coach.

The team of Vršovice has defeated Slovácko only in the last of the last 11 league duels but at home with its opponent from Uherské Hradiště for the third consecutive time did not bother.