Adam5811 October 18, 2016

Slavia on Monday closed the first half of the draw in Jablonec (1: 1). It was her sixth loss in the eighth outdoor autumn match.

“Most of the matches were similar to Jablonec, I do not want to say it was the same. But we had superiority, chances, we did not change them. The opponent played with great motivation and we did not, “said the famous coach Jaroslav Šilhavý. “It is true that we have lost quite a lot of matches.” Only two victories in Karvina and Slovácko, draws in Ostrava, Bohemians, Olomouc and last time in Jablonec, defeat in Pilsen.She had a score of 11 points more than Slavia in the field, so the difference between the leader and the defender of the title in the table is a giant, almost unbeatable fourteen.

In the last attack on the title, the fanatics won out of the home environment thirty-three points in ten winnings and four draws, which was the most of all. At home they only lost one point. This year they are in the table of outdoor duels to quarters behind Pilsen, Liberec and Olomouc, for which they are lagging even in the overall ranking.

Looking at the statistics of the previous seasons, it is clear that league gold is winning the results outdoors. At home it is a matter for teams to score, there are no more significant differences.But who is the best outside of his “castle” can think of the trophy.

This was the case with Sparta at her last title in the 2013/2014 season, outdoors with the same balance as last season’s Slavia. When the Pilsen celebrated twice after the Spartan first, it was also the best of all.

The matches on the opponents’ pitches are heavier than the domestic ones, for the favorites in particular. This is true in all competitions and for all clubs.

The home team, although in an outsider battle, is more confident on the pitch, more likely to be, cheerful, can rely on the audience, has respect. Last but not least, the referees are more friendly to the host team.For the same misdemeanor, the home player punishes worse than the guest.

After Monday’s loss in Jablonec, patience and festive leadership, Jaroslav Tvrdík, chairman of the board, said that the team will be penalized for performances in the matches in Plzeň and Jablonec. The only defeated domestic duel with Liberec was added to this.

While in Slavia the difficulties in the matches out in autumn, Sparta is a long-term phenomenon. The fact is, the outside has the most difficult of all.Wherever it arrives, it is true that for every club in the Czech Republic there is a home game with Sparta most.

In the current season of eight matches she won twice, she added only three draws, lost three matches, last Sunday in Olomouc.

Before losing the match in Brno and Slavia, the points came in draws in Liberec, Dukla and Zlín. There are up to seventh in the outdoor duel table, with Mlada Boleslav and Bohemians in front of it.

“The truth is that to play good football, you have to have it mentally. And we miss it. We do not play as well at home as we do at home. It just wants to have more will. Go to the opponent’s course and want to score three points.Outside we miss something, while we play well at home, “said Spartan coach Andrea Stramaccioni after an uncharted fight on the Dukle.

Before Stramaccioni’s arrival, it was not good. In the spring, the seven-duel sparrows brought just six points for the win and three draws. The only victory reached the course in the last few seconds. In the last season, only nineteen points were played outside of Letna. More were collected by Teplice, Zlin, Boleslav and, of course, Pilsen with Slavs.

In the year 2015/2016 it was only twenty-two points.And it is precisely because Sparta players do not have a match outside, but in the previous season’s competition they have lagged behind.