Adam5811 August 12, 2016

After six rounds, the Bohemians are surprisingly high on the table, and they stayed the same after the duel in Teplice. Both teams had one big chance, but Teplice scored a goal and the goalie scored Tomáš Grigar.

“Classic match with Bohemia. A lot of duels, both teams were running a lot. There is nothing to complain to players, but we did not have a better execution in the final and pre-final situations. We had three goal opportunities, our opponent one. If the goal did not fall, perhaps a deserved draw, “said Daniel Šmejkal, the warm coach. Bohemians scored in Teplice after seven years, and for the fourth time in the last five games they kept a clean account.It’s their fourth draw this year.

“We did not defend, play 0: 0, I wanted to be the most active and every opportunity to profit from the counterattack, but the match did not catch the individual players in optimal sports form. We did a lot of unnecessary mistakes. The game was scrawny, time passed. After the first half, I decided to increase my voice, certainly the most striking thing about the team. I was really angry, we were unconcentrated, a little courageous, inaccurate. There were not so many moments afterwards that upset me, but we did not improve much in the future, “said co-host Martin Hasek.

The Bohemians have a solid defensive this season, with only Pilsen and Slavia getting less goals.And they showed it in Teplice too, where they did not allow the attackers too much. Only in the 4th minute Hycka penetrated, with a nice loosening over Šmid, but goalkeeper Fryšták did not shoot anymore.

Otherwise, it was mainly played in the middle of the pitch. The guests were trying to break through Tetteh, who after the wounds had already appeared in the basic set, but Teplice chased him to stop.

For a better chance the spectators had to wait until the start of the second half, when Kučera with the center kick found Vaněčka, whose header ended on the cross.

63 minutes were the goal and the guests.Necas focused on Reitera, who sent the header exactly to the goal, but great action was shown goalkeeper Grigar and threatened danger. It was the only direct shot of Bohemians on the goal.

The Teplice were more active at the end and tried to make a decision, but they did not make any more strike. After the break, Vashahlik fired, but he did not score. The home team for the first time in November 2010 have seen what it is like to lose points with Bohemians who lost the previous five duels on the Stinadles.