Adam5811 July 28, 2016

Long after midnight Real Madrid enjoyed the trophy.

At the expense of Barcelona. At the expense greatest rival, who a year ago thought that may govern some ten years in a row.

The non-governmental, which commented stopper Gerard Piqué, one of the patriots: “It is clear that our club does not pass through the best season . For the first time in nine years, when I was playing in Barcelona, ​​I felt less like Real. “What? Minority? Not at all chances? Almost embarrassing?

Already, Piqué always dealt with Real, rivaling, banging, provoking. But now for the first time he admitted his team is not enough.

Exit from Barcelona and…Beginning to Live!

Barcelona scored just one goal against Real in 180 minutes against Real (1: 3, 0: 2). She could not use any of her weapon or rage by Cristiano Ronald, who had been marginally eliminated during the first match, and was subsequently suspended for five consecutive shots.

Just nothing, nothing, nothing!

Barcelona may have packed her combination football into a nice cellophane, but she was bored with the overall concept. The hungry, aggressive and straight-forward Real did not. This is not a good news for the Catalan giant, it is starting a new season of the Spanish League tonight.

The title defends Real and seems to be not going to contact Barcelona.

“Real showed more energy.We must quickly find our soul, “said new coach Ernesto Valverde.

Barcelona should also look for new players as the existing cadre ceases to be exclusive. Especially when Brazilian Neymar signed the Paris sheikhs for a record sum that is close to six billion crowns.

“A lot of people think that leaving Barcelona is like dying. But I feel that the truth is the opposite. I live in Paris more than ever before, “Neymar said from France, which was a blow to Barcelona and a good news for Real.

Who to hunt?And how much?

The barca is waning, as is the case with the current maid to which Captain Iniesta, Piqué and Suarez are also indispensable.

If Barcelona does not want to rely on miraculous Messi , it should go into reasonable purchases. After Neymar’s sale he can afford to have the money.

Lures midfielder Coutinha, but his Liverpool (so far) says resolute no. Twenty-year-old striker Ousmane Dembélé is closer, Dortmund would not oppose the trade if Barcelona gets over.The absolute highest galaxy would include potential arrivals from Chelsea (Eden Hazard) and Paris (Ángel Di María).

“To move forward, we need to get the most out of it,” says Piqué, whose club shot down Superspirant youngster who could play in Catalonia for a long time. In the summer of 2014, Barcelona was reluctant to send 65 million crowns to Mallorca to buy an 18-year-old midfielder Mark Asensia. Three months later she wanted to pay, but Asensio was already aiming for 100 million in Real.When you realize how beautiful goals he has now devised, the story gets even stronger.

In the first Superpohar match, Asensio pulled out of the 16th elf and hit the corner. In the 4th minute, he fired the ball from keeper Ter Stegen and managed to stop the ball. He was so surprised he did not even jump. A great goal.

Zinedine Zidane coach, Asensi’s big pattern, waved his hands in front of the bench, which meant that the real Real trophy would not escape. Asensio has become the first Spaniard in the last 20 years (since Raul), who scored Real against Barcelona in two consecutive games. And coach Zidane?He has been running Real for only a half-year and has seven cups. From the historical point of view, there are only two “collectors” in front of him: Luis Molowny (8) and Miguel Muñoz (14).

“We did not start the season badly but there are plenty of tasks ahead of us,” said Zidane.

One of the key tasks is: Stop embarrassing Barcelona!