Andy December 31, 2017

Hradec Králové defeated Mladá Boleslav for the first time in autumn, and goals and fists were falling under the White Tower. Jirinš and Štichem took care of the wrestling insert.

Litvínov lost the second season in the season 1: 7, this time with Olomouc. In September, he received the same award from Comet. Pilsen entered the match with the leader of the table and the champion of the championship title as the worst home team, but did not confirm this statistic and defeated Liberec 5: 2.

There was a remarkable drama in Karlovy Vary, and in the final minute of the third period, the two teams had struck within 13 seconds and had to prolong.

The second Třinec hosted the penultimate Pardubice in the third period, thanks to Noska to 2: 2 and in the extension decided the same player to win home.

In Libeň O2 The arena did not celebrate the eighth anniversary of Sparta’s extraliga, with Vitkovice lost 3: 4 after an extension. The match was a part of the celebrations of the historic jubilee, both clubs wearing in 1937 hit the first round of the then highest domestic competition.

The comet fell in the Moravian derby on the ice of Zlin and ended a miserable week when she lost three matches out there.

Hradec celebrates a three-point win after a tough battle with Mladá Boleslav. The home team went into the lead in the 16th minute when Newton entered. American Beek also scored the second goal.In the second period, he used the numerical superiority – from Bednára he got a pass through the width of the attacking band and finished promptly. Mlada Boleslav, however, was quite decent at home (31:29), but it only managed to reduce. In the 36th minute Urban hit the seventh in the season. The final result of the result was scored in the empty goal of Köhler.

Mlada Boleslav: Lukáš – Holub, Stříteský, Jan Hanzlík, Kurka, Voráček, Štich, Trončinský – Jonák, Žejdl, Orsava – Klepiš, Vampola, – Lenc, Musil, Hyka – Pabiška, Urban. Coaches: F. Excellent and M. Jelinek.

We have watched the match in a detailed report

The beginning of the match has already indicated the development of the evening in Olomouc. Litvinov collected 93 seconds of the Holce stick and the home set a really sharp fire.After two-thirds led 5: 0, strictly punished any hesitation this time extraordinarily through Litvinov’s defense. 42 minutes into the game, the score was 7 – 0. Eberle hit quickly, and Hübl hunted the reel for the second time. Still, he did not leave. The honorable success of the guests was recorded seven minutes later after Reichl’s attempt at the edge of the Hořava goalpost. He was three points against the club where he grew up, Matai.

We have watched the match in a detailed report

he hit the top of Machovsky’s close up, on the other hand he shot the Pulpán over the climbing player and Will hit the last minute with a shotgun.In the middle of the middle, they got better in the home, with three quick goals gaining control over the match and then at 28 minutes thanks to a perfect wound wound under the top stick Vondráčka increased to 4: 0. The guests tried to return to the match, Bartovič dropped before the break. In the third third they continued to push, but they did not cut to less than two gallop. Pilsen survived at the end of the match with Liberec’s power play, and then herself wins the victory with a blow to the empty goal. Kubalík hit for the second time.

Karlovy Vary started excellent and already at 9:13 led the Tuominen and Harkabus 2: 0. At that moment, the King was replaced in the Chomutov cage. The pirates met the goal of Rutty from blue in the 16th minute, Stloukal took a quick response.The game was as flat as the number of shots. More goals fell in the third period, Sklenář dropped to 2: 3, and Skokaran settled on Skaráren’s pass in the 48th minute. Karlovy Vary was close to the victory, Dvorak hit 23 seconds before the end of the final act. But 13 seconds later, he replied with a quick stop in the game without the goalie Vondrka.

We have watched the match in a detailed online report

Zlin caught his favorite with fast goals, at 2:28 home lead 2: 0 and Ciliac went on the lead, Vejmelka stood in Brno’s goal. In the 13th minute he raised to 3: 0 by a fast bluff talented Chytil. The comet has long been in the match, Kasik kept a net account until 48 minutes.Then, hockey wilderness began at the Luddek Čajka Winter Stadium. Kašík beat Erat, on the other side hard rifle shot by Říčka, on 2: 4 a minute later Zaťovič lowered and 62 seconds before the third siren scored goal Káňa.

The penultimate Pardubice started in the Werk Arena great, Hrubka in the third minute was close to a shot by the experienced gunner Sýkora. In the first break, the score changed two more times, first against Rákos, the former teammates, then responded with his premiere extraleague shot Poulicek. Pardubice led up to 55 minutes after Nosek hit the blue. The same player ended up being extended.

Sparta, who was in black retro jerseys, won the seventh in a row.Once again the first goal and led after the first third, finally had to accept the 3: 4 defeat after the extension and the end of their winning series. The home team did not score a second twenty minute, in which Klok, Kolouch and Olesz turned to 2: 3. Sparta drew at least a point when Dolejs Vrán broke down five to three at the end of the third period. Extending after eighteen seconds, Roman finished the exact shot over Pöpperle’s shotgun.