Adam5811 July 28, 2016

The whole season can go together for the cocks. Maybe even in one defense, which they would like to try. It’s unique in the extrals.

“But he already knew it somehow because I said we had fun with the leadership. I would like to take it, however, that we play hockey and the relationship father and son would let reporters rather, “Galvas senior does not like to attract attention to their unusual story.

“I said to my son: I’m concentrating on playing and helping manpau. I hope it will do so to break that down: the two of us and the rest of the manchafta. ”
It’s hard to do at least from the beginning.

” It’s a special thing. Did I know that my father coached his son, but that they played together in one team?Exceptional, “the attacker Kevin Sundher folded his teammates. “It’s amazing that Luke has been on that level for so long. And Jakub is a really talented defender who I think will soon go overseas, “he says, forcing Galvas the younger to draft the famous Chicago.

“That’s a big deal,” said the Canadian, who himself broke the draft when Buffalo was selected, but did not get to the NHL.

While Galvas Jr. is in the cluster after the shoulder operation, Dad has already begun Olomouc’s premiere in preparation and against Jihlava immediately scored a goal, although unlike the boy is a typical defensive beak. In the cabin they listened and still heard the jokes.

“We have some hints on Luke.But it’s fun, cool, “says Captain Mory Martin Vyrubalík, a thirty-six-year-old asshole who sits right next to Galvas the elder and does not hesitate to tell him about the advice. “Lukas has an experience, he has played over a thousand matches in the extralize, and I think I do not have to be ashamed to come to see him.”

It definitely does not have to. Galvas has a long CV: Opava has spent the last five seasons in Třinec, he has played for Zlín for a long time, a year in Karlovy Vary and he has moved to Vítkovice in the Czech highest competition.With play-off he has played over a thousand extralig games and has three official starts.

In the last season, he took up the defeat battles in 39 matches and scored two recordings.

Despite the big ambitions, Tsirin finished in the quarterfinals and Galvas did not expand the collection of six precious metals; in the Extraly reached four times in silver, twice in bronze. The last chapter should be written in Olomouc. “I got my offers from elsewhere and after three weeks when we talked about it, it turned out that I stayed here,” he told the club website.

In acclimatization, not only his son, coach Zdeněk Venera, who led him in Zlín.

“I feel fine here. I get to know a little, person adapts.It’s not my first move, “he says. “I did not come to Olomouc to change things. I think there are experienced boys and manchaft klape long since the process. I would like to be part of it. ”

With Jakub, he can pick up at home, who collects more Canadian or plus points. “If it’s going to be a hell, I do not know, but I beat him three times again, so I’m quite calm,” he reminds his parents last year when he joined Tricino against his brother, which was the first time in the history of the extraliga.

And he always celebrated. “I take it that hockey is a collective sport and I’m leading it 3: 0.I’m glad I moved to Olomouc and we can play with the fact that he will not cry at home for losing three times. ”

Galvas the elder now becomes accustomed not only to going with his son into the shit, but also to new style. Třinec belongs to the offensive favorite of the competition, Olomouc is betting on the defensive and in the past year it missed the pre-play playoff.

“I’ve felt like a rival here that any of the five can threaten us. The guys played a lot of combat, especially on the home ground, and tried not to give the band for free. Even the fans here were always good, so it was reflected in the atmosphere, “he says. “Třinec is more offensive, but I’ve always been a defensive beck, I’ve never been too aggressive, so I do not mind this style.I played for a few years in Zlín and there was a good defense too, “he recalls the session under coach Venera.” He continues: “He knows how to play and what to expect from me. We have met in stadiums for a long time. “The Venera can thus compare Galvas:” Cuba has great assumptions. First of all, he needs to pick up the mass, it comes with age. But as far as the overview is concerned, it’s really good. I suppose it would go further than Lukas. As time flies and ages…I would never think I would be training my son. “Olomouc has got a seasoned boss who will see not only his boy’s development but also not to be ashamed to come teammates in the team.

“In addition to defensive work, we are particularly promising in cabin experience.We have known Luke for a long time, he will definitely help us. But what is the qualities of the leader, we will see in the season. “Galvas fatherly nods,” We have to prepare well for the season and then start from the first match, because everybody can make a decision. We have to collect points from the beginning. “