Adam5811 August 12, 2016

Chomutov holds the first place, but only a point. Against the newcomer from Jihlava he got hot and won 4: 3. The second is Třinec, who beat Vítkovice 3: 2 in the home.

Pardubice this time was not enough in Mladá Boleslav and it was 2: 4. The last duel of this round between Sparta and Litvinov is played until Oct. 10. Třinec directed two victories in the first period to win. The first one was provided by Marcinko. When he did not change the penalty shot of visiting Szturc, he again punished Marcinko – this time in power play. And the same player completed the hattrick just after Vítkovický Tybor dropped after 14 seconds of the second period.Marcinko has scored seven goals in four rounds. Ostrava returned hope in the middle of the Květoň duel, but the settlement was not done.

Pardubice was one step behind the game. It hit KOTVANOVA from the blue, which in the 10th minute passed Kousalova’s top scorer in power, which fell a few minutes later. The guests did not help the early fall of Wishart in a well-balanced numeral advantage, nor the score of Cardwell from half the game, which was reduced to 2: 3. Boleslav added peace to Lenc at 48:19, which surpassed the power of Kacetla with a nice swing.

In the first third of the game, the massacre was spurred, the goals began to fall after the change of sides.The first to score Mallet after German pass and Zlin was angry at her and claimed the opponent’s game at six. Suddenly, however, they were relentless. A three-point comet decided at the end of the second part, when Erat ranged in 65 seconds to push the reflected puck into an exposed cage after the power gun, and Hynek Zohorna, who arrived at Gulaši’s missile.

it was another clear victory, but the Chomutov ice hockey players were topped this time. Although with the outsider from Jihlava, the match was well played. They led the Mrázka from the blue, which was confirmed in the middle of the duel by the experienced Tomic from the ring. However, Jihlava turned the game! He soon reduced Zalcik in power, in the third part Hubáček equalized again in numerical advantage and the sensation was perfect at 56:47 Seman after renumbering.But home Ruzicka was fouled in a Tut chance and turned the penalty shot. In the extension, Sklenář decided to take two-to-one action.

Liberec may be sorry for the fact that Jánošík did not shoot the penalty shot at the beginning. His teammates have not managed to score for the whole game. Olomouc played 0:10 in Pilsen in an organized manner and wanted to make an impression. Las was given the lead by LaS after a nice release from Knot and quietly delivered it at 41:06 Holec, who after the escape surprised the Willa goal missed the ice. The guests did not help even the final game without a goalkeeper.

It looked like another scandal, but Hradec wondered miraculously.Against Pilsen he lost to Hollwega, which Sedláček did not keep between the concretes, and he experienced another pocket moment when he returned the game to Cibulskise Kubalík. The key was Kukumberg’s settlement, which came three seconds before the second siren. The euphoria of the East Koreans was able to make use of the Koukal, who had burned Liberty in power and blow. The joy of the fans was spoiled by their second shot Kubalík, who, after a nice combination, hit the puck right under the lid. But the last word was extended by Jirinš: defeated the defenders and the shot between the concrete decided.