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1xbet betting system

It is a multiple bet consisting of several 1xbet single and / or combined bets made simultaneously on different events, each of which is called a line. It differs from the multiple bet since you win even if not all the predictions are correct, and the number of the correct ones to win varies depending on the system. There are several types of 1xbet betting systems like Heinz, Trixie and Yankee just to name a few.
Advanced lexicon

These are the main terms related to 1xbet bets. But there are various 1xbet bonus other types of 1xbet “special” bets, the most important of which we see below:

Double chance

A bet in which it is possible to win with 2/3 of the results or: win or draw at home, win or draw away and finally winning at home or winning away.
Under / over

A bet that allows you to determine if the final result of an event will be higher or lower than a predefined number of goals / points. If you decide to 1xbet, betting “Over” means betting on more than a certain number of points or goals, 1xbet betting “Under” means betting on less than a certain number of goals or points.

Classic vs. Asian handicap

The handicaps are 1xbet bets where special conditions are required to decree the result and the winner of an event, at least for betting purposes, without being strictly related to the actual result of the event. In the classic handicap, the bookmaker attributes points of advantage to the most favored team and the points of disadvantage to the stronger one. In the Asian version it is not possible to bet on a tie, but the bet is valid only in case of winning.

It is a type of bet where it is usual to bet on the winner of an event in which the odds remain fixed.
Long term

This is another bet model that allows you to bet on an event with a long-term forecast.
Value Bet

The bettor defines the odds by himself, when he thinks there has been an evaluation error in the calculation of the odds by the bookmaker.
Sure Bet

Guarantees, in some cases through for example the martingale method, or by signing up to several sites of 1xbet online bets, your bet with a zero risk, is always winning.
Other popular terms in betting

Also called stake or placed refers to the sum of money placed in a bet.

Game strategy whose goal is to recover at least the bet, playing on a large number of 1xbet bets. An example of upright: the great martingale.
This is 1xbet betting on odds and doubling your bet in the event of a loss Therefore, if either bettor loses five 1xbet bets, but wins the sixth, he can recover all previously accumulated losses and accrue a small profit.

Betting Exchange

The betting exchange, very popular in the Anglo-Saxon countries but still being promoted in Italy, corresponds to a 1xbet online betting site where bettors exchange 1xbet bets anonymously. In this case the bookmaker does not manage or determine the odds but only intervenes by holding a commission on the wagers’ earnings, usually from 2 to 5%.

Always on the subject of the bookmaker, his profit, or the remuneration that this perceives for each event on which he proposes a bet, is indicated by a percentage on the amount played and generally ranges from 9 to 15%. The formula for calculating the margin is as follows: Margin = (1 / Share 1 + 1 / Share 2 + … + 1 / Share n) – 1

Welcome 1xbet bonus and promotions new players

The 1xbet bonus is a sum of money offered by the 1xbet online betting site (bookmaker or 1xbet sports betting sites). Mainly the 1xbet bonus is granted to new bettors registered on the site, but in many cases also to already registered players. In this way, the new bettor can become familiar, risking less in the sports bet. In the case of regular players, 1xbet bonuses are an incentive to increase winnings. Thanks to the 1xbet bonus you can have advantages such as: