Adam5811 November 22, 2016

“As soon as we finish with Switzerland, we will calculate it. But it is true that if we lost today, we could say goodbye to it. Everybody knew, so the joy was great after the raids, “said striker Petr Koukal. “We are pleased to have confirmed that we can play against everyone. That against Korea, which was not according to our expectations, we showed good performance and won. ”

But it was a terrible start, especially for Dominique Kubalik. The 22-year-old player, for whom it was the first match in the big tournament, had already fouled his initial rotation. And in the power game, Raymond pushed Raymond in the first game with the first shot.

However, Kubalik did not get away from the “direkt”.Even Bohemia kicked off the power, but did not use it, but it was Kubalík. Together with Kovář, they invaded the assault zone, gaining a puck aimed at a forbidden release. Afterwards, Kovář threw him on the goal, after Kubalík got him confused and overcame Scrivens.

The Czechs were better. They were skilfully skatering, playing duels. They were playing their own weapon in Canada – a stretched out force.

But there was a brake in the form of Nakladal’s exclusion. At the end of the power struggle, Bourque sent Canada back to the lead, and the performance of the Czechs just reminded of the shadow of the previous minutes. Resurrection came just after the break when the puck got to scramble and Jordan hit the top corner.

“In the box – five five – we did not play bad at all.Mainly in the first half of the match it was a great performance from us, the other was more on the Canadian puck. I think we have performed very well, “said coach Josef Jandač.

After the second Czech goal, a calm passage followed, but Czech audiences experienced the excitement on the stand. The news of Ester Ledecká’s sensational triumph has gradually spread, and so those who have been wearing white Olympic jackets are turning the gold lining on top. Among them were Martina Sáblíková and Eva Samková, medalists from Korea and former Olympic goldsmiths. The players themselves learned about the victory after the game. “We turn off and focus on hockey,” said Jandač.

But back to the ice.The crushing moment for the Czech team came at the end of the second act, when Canada had 34 seconds of power play 5 to 3. In the case of Kolar and Jordan there were very strict, controversial and fictitious exclusions, yet the weakened Czechs survived.

“We decided to defend at the end of the 3rd to 5th. And the Referee? They beat well. What they did was foul, “said the striker Koukal.

As opposed to the first match, hockey players were much better in duels, in the physical game. Good skating, the transition to the offensive phase improved significantly. There is no doubt that he has to work on the power-play, perhaps from the middle of the third third he could win more.

Canada has put both goals in numerical advantage, at the end of the third period when the Czechs were screaming for a bad substitution, there was another big chance.But the Czechs could decide – in the last minute the Sekáč hit the top pole.

The goal did not bring a wild extension with a lot of opportunities, so the game went into raids. As if the Czech hockey players wanted to reach out for those who switched on television somewhat later on Saturday. While the raids went through Wolskim to lead Canada, but then the Duo duo and Kovář succeeded and the Czechs celebrate.