Adam5811 March 11, 2016

The difficult track profile, rainy weather, and mass crashes have forced many of the Basque players to give up during the royal stage. The race was also abandoned by Dan Martin, Simon Gerrans, Ryder Hesjedal, Warren Barguil, world champion Vasil Kiryjenko, and Simon Yates and Fabio Aru, champion of the last Vuelta.

A total of 32 drivers left!

Diego Rosa from Astana, which lost 14 minutes before the stadium, did not pose a threat to the leaders and ran away.With more than a four-minute lead, he clawed to the last hill of the day.

Just before the finish, he tugged his tongue, halted, fell from the wheel, lifted him over his head and passed through his triumphant tape. Italian has so far enjoyed the biggest victory of his career in the last semester of Milan-Turin last autumn. Friday’s Basque triumph, in excellent competition, plus a hundred-kilometer solo in winter and wet, however, means much more.

Behind him 30 miles before the attack attacked Mikel Land from Sky team, has been neutralized in the last few kilometers, and the third man in the running order then did not keep in touch with any other favorites.

A very skilful group of favorites six kilometers ahead of the goal when climbing the top bonus 1.the Arrate category began to digest even more. And a man who has his offensive tendency to enter his racing gene has decided to attack.

Alberto Contador, Tinkoff stables leader.

He was not alone. Sergio Henao hung up immediately for his lap. Together they clawed between the rain drops to meet the target.

“It was a tricky day. At such a fast pace, it was most important to protect yourself from the cold and eat properly, “Contador reported. At the end of the stage, another duo appeared near their back: Joaquim Rodríguez from Katyus and Thibaut Pinot from FdJ

Three minutes and 13 seconds after the already celebrating Ros, Henao and Contador taped.Rodriguez and Pinot arrived two seconds later, Spaniard Sánchez and Kolumbijec Quintana another 25 seconds later. “Mike Landa’s attack had previously forced the other teams to work hard,” Henao said. “When we went with Albert, we worked together because we wanted to spend as much time as possible for other opponents.” The Dutchman Wilco Kelderman, a yellow jersey biker, dropped 14th behind this pair by more than minute.Lotto NLJumbo, the head of the Lotto NLJumbo, passed the goal along with Landa, who took over the yellow jersey in the previous course of the Basque.

Before the 16.5 km long time lap which continues to rise in its first half, the downhill course in Eibar, the situation at the forefront of the overall classification is extremely dramatic.

The new leader, Henao, has only six seconds for Contador and ten for Pinot, who surprised this year with a distinct improvement in the chronometer (Winner of the Times on the Criterion International).Twelve seconds loses the weaker timekeeper Rodríguez, 31 seconds of Sánchez and 38 Quintana.

“The hilly time should testify,” Henao hopes. Cioni, his sport director in the Sky stable. “Who will be the strongest in the time line will reach the title?” Roman Kreuziger held on Friday, 35 kilometers before the finish, at the top of the top 2 category topping, just behind a group of favorites.

“Then he did not come back to her. He had worked hard on Thursday before, “said Steven de Jongh, Sports Director of Tinkoff.Contador’s helpers stayed with the team leader at the beginning of Croatian Kiselovski’s final climb.