Adam5811 October 5, 2016

No, this will not be a coincidence: if the national team has been able to cross the quarterfinal gate in recent years, it will fail in the end. This was true at the 2014 Championship in Minsk and a year later in Prague. And so far this equation works in Bratislava this year. Even the Germans in the quarterfinals deployed five. But they disappointed against Canada. The goal was scored, but only at the end in the decided state 0: 5. Crucial to the development of a careful match was the opening goal, which scored already at 6.minute one of Canada’s biggest stars at the Mark Stone Championship. The Las Vegas striker showed what a fox was like when, after Stecher’s pass from the right, he cunningly adjusted the hockey stick blade by gently directing the puck toward a closer stick. Bartosak slipped to the opposite.

The Czech team could not deny the effort, but could not succeed in numerical advantages. In the first part he played two, but not really threatened the goalkeeper Murray.

Yet the result 0: 1 was playable after the first 20 minutes. However, all the excitement and determination took over after ten seconds of the second part. Simon lost the bulls, followed by the escape of Couturier, whose shot Bartošák shot, but he could not move to the opposite pole.There he placed the wheel in a flash after the cage of Nurse.

And at 25:06, Dubois added a third strike, which he found at the far pole by a precise pass along the Marchessault goal line. Bartošák did not manage to move again and then ordered himself: he was replaced by a Frenchman at the gate. In the 47th minute Hronek failed during an offensive trip, followed by a quick break, at the end of which was Turris’ crusade. If, by that time, a fan had hoped for at least equalization, then it was decided.

The excellent Murray, who covered not only all the shots but also the guttering, had a Czech story. There were several.Only in the second part they could score Faksa in this situation, Palát twice and Overseas. Just before the end of the second part he caught three dangerous shots of Tomáš Zohorna, Řepík and Kolar in a short sequence. over Murray’s trap. But this shot didn’t solve anything.

Canada played simply and effectively, giving a concentrated and calm impression. That was crucial. Although she wasn’t convinced at the championship, she would play for gold again. If it succeeds on Sunday from 20:15 against Finland, it will be its 27th title, which in the historical charts equals Russia, or the Soviet Union.