Adam5811 November 3, 2016

The rain, the wind and the very difficult track did not stop the Czech duo in the way back from the absolute elite. In the last days of the Thuringian Forest, there is no good biathlon weather. Czechs at Oberhof are rewriting this year’s highs this year.

“There is a lot of satisfaction. I am glad that the Czechs are again where we would like to see them, “Ondřej Rybář, the director of the Czech Television, interviewed Czech Television.

Later, a 26-year-old biathlonist blew all the targets. He did not have the strength in the previous races, he scored the 13th overall in the overall running time score.

The ride slowed until the third morning stood on the second shot, the Krčmář had one round and finished at 9 .”It has already been shown in France that it is getting in shape, I’m glad it’s going on like that,” Rybář told him.

So far, Krčmář has taken care of the best Czech score in this season, which was the 22nd place in the Annecy fighter race.

Ondřej Moravec was just behind the top ten. While most of his fellow colleagues trained in front of Oberhof in Jablonec nad Nisou, he was working together with the Austrians and Norka Tiril Eckhoff.

He paid off.

Even when Moravec missed the shooting range, he spent a lot less time than Krčmář. The final 11th place is at the finish.

The third sprinter’s first came Johannes Thingnes Bö.The climbing climbs the climb and in the sum of all the times he has won a huge lead of 27 seconds. But two mistakes in the state fell to the third place. In second place was wedged his compatriot Emil Hegle Svendsen.

Fourth victories (66 overall in the World Cup) this season went to Martin Fourcade of France.

The outstanding day of the Czech team was underlined by Jaroslav Soukup, who finished 25th. He was replaced in the injured team by Michal Šlesinger and this year he competed mainly in the second league IBU Cup. For thirty-five rider’s best result in the World Cup races in the New Town in December 2016. Home

In the Saturday race fighter complement trio Czechs Tomas Krupcik yet, who finished 58thAdam Vaclavik scored five mistakes and finished in 75th place.

“We do not make hurried conclusions, but it is a big upswing,” said Fisherman.

Martin Fourcade wins a long three races for winning the sprint. Meanwhile, he has always been second in Östersund not for Tarjei Böa, Hochfilzen and home Annecy for his brother Johannes Thingnes Böa. The World Cup leader has just arrived in Oberhof, Germany. Symbolic 66.winning the World Cup has ensured him with precision shooting, high-quality running and tactical maneuvers.

The course is fortified so it will be harder at the beginning than at the end, “biathlete coach Michael Málek commented.

The world’s elite, including Moravce and Krčmář, has begun in the top twenty. And almost all of the faster tracks took advantage.
Fourcade came to the finish in the first place, with a ten-second lead on the headliner. He could have enjoyed it, but he was longing for a long time in the target area.

And again he was chased by a man in Norwegian colors.

Emil Hegle Svendsen fired with a starting number of 58 tracks.The Experienced Nor was heading to the final circuit in second place and lost only three seconds to the Frenchman.

Still, he got to the finish second in front of his fellow teammate.

The Norcross Fourcade has stalled.