Adam5811 August 24, 2016

At the beginning of the new year, the White Tigers have to get used to the lower floor of the table. After 10 games, the 12 points are up to the 12th, which is an unpleasant situation for the team led by the progressive coach Pesan.

Statistics are inexorable: The Tigers are still in no activity, except for the power strikes. They have the second worst attack in the competition, which gives only 1.9 goals per game, the fourth worst defense, and it is one of the most trusted teams.

“We have a lot of goals in the defensive zone. We work hard on training, but we can not eliminate it, “said coach Filip Pešán. “When we score some goals, we will be more confident.We are not confident yet. ”

Liberec could not win two games in a row, lost all six outdoor matches. Their most productive striker, Burier, is at the end of the fifth tenth of Canadian scoring for the extralig, the top ten in the success did not come neither Goalie Will. Liberec is the biggest problem in the defensive. In two of the last three games, they skipped a “seven” – the last one on the ice of Comet 2: 7, formerly 1: 7 at Sparta, which is also troublesome at the start of the new season.

three stable defense players. Above all, the loss of Simk, who left to try the NHL, was sensible. Even Vitásek and Moses belonged to the pillars of the team.Instead, they have come from the NHL, the experienced snooker Smid, but after a long hockey break, he has to get used to the game again, and he has been injured.

The Tigers have left the whole of the ice- . The club does not feel like it wants to bet more to young players. The question is whether it has not reached its limits in this respect.

However, the situation in Liberec may not be as bad as it looks at first. It is quite similar to what the White Tigers experienced a year ago. Even then, after 10 games played in the second half of the table, the Kometa manager lost 13 points, only a point more than this year.Yet they eventually dominated the base part of the extraliga.

That time, however, they managed to start an unprecedented string of 12 winning matches in a row in October. The same would be great for them now, but their nearest rival in the extralize will be Pilsen on Friday on their ice, the team with the best attack in the second table.

On Wednesday, the White Tigers’ Champions League. However, it is only a formality: Liberec has already secured the team, so in Davos, Switzerland, from 19.45, it will present a rejuvenated set.

A major change will take place in the goal area: the first goalman Will will be out of action and the Track will be followed by a young Stagger.Hus will be defending, and in the offensive positions the Chrtek and the King will be assigned the first minutes in the Liberec A-team. Psota and Jeník will also be coming, who have already had some experience from the first team.