Andy December 31, 2017

“We have demonstrated excellent performance. Just what we said and planned. In the positions we were supposed to play, we played. We have had great goals and great satisfaction for us, “said coach Radim Cepek, whose team beat Norway on Saturday 8: 4.

“Both boys deserve great praise because they have done responsible. It is said that great results, but that was a great game of the whole team. “The first shot scored on the shot of Andris Rajeckis experienced Kafka goalie, who at the ninth championship for the first time entered the goal, but the initial twenty minutes completely dominated the Czechs. In the fourth minute after a quick combination, Jelínek’s score was scored by Jelinek Jelinek.The Latvians still found the answer, and after a rapid counterattack, the Raitums broke out.

“They settled and saw the turmoil. So I have to bow to the boys, because the preparation was not long over Norway, “added Cepek. In just 31 seconds, however, Curney relaxed from behind the goal and returned to Cepko’s leadership team. In the sixth minute, it hit exactly halfway to the left stick of Tomašík. The Latvians were threatened twice as well, but the Czechs had the upper hand. With Curney’s chance he helped the home top bar.

In the 14th minute Ondrušek ran on to the left and adjusted to 4: 1. Jendrišák hit the first team of the Czech team in the tournament. Goalkeeper Andis Blinds replaced Salcevich and in just 97 seconds after Dozova’s work he welcomed the goal of Šešulka.At the beginning of the second act, he was close to another shake of Sebek, but he did not get enough space to bang the bluff. The Czechs watched with great surge and the dangerous situation was greatly reduced. Only 35 minutes later Ondrušek defeated the Koutny pass. The home fans were happy when the Raitums changed again.

According to Cep, the team remained constantly concentrated. “We were preparing that it would be a tough match up to the end. That’s why we coaches were active in 7: 2, coaching was still the same. Until the end, we solved that we would not take a minute. We know we have weaker moments when an opponent can kick off.You have to play sixty minutes at this level, “he added.

At the beginning of the third period, Kafka stepped out against Akmenlauks’ wound and a moment later eliminated the same player’s escape. In the 45th minute, Salcevich struck against escaping Jendrišák outside the goal area, but the penalty shot caught him. The next shot was already used by Suchánek.

The Riga Arena was filled by 5245 spectators and Jursevskis scored another goal in the 53th minute in the Atis Blinds.During the long power play of Latvians still scored in the empty goal Tokos. The Czechs defeated Lotyš the seventh of eight matches and repaid them to a loss from their previous two-game match from Zurich 4: 5.

Finals have Quarterfinals Certain

Florbalists from Finland defeated Switzerland 6: 4 in Group A and the first to secure a straight forward quarterfinals. The Swiss will fight for the second position in the group on Tuesday’s duel with Germany, in which it is enough to win the draw. They have two points, the Germans with Estonia after the draw 6: 6 in a row.

The victories of the world Finns led in the seventh minute 3: 0 and in the middle of the opening act 4: 1, but the Swiss proved to recover.In the second period, thanks to two of the power-ups, Graf and Antenere cut and Maurer settled in the 48th minute. At 50:15 but he scored the winning goal of the Kailiala and in the power play of the Swiss power-play power play in the empty goal finished Salin.

In the jersey of the defeated two assists Attacker Matthias Hofbauer, who overall improved the balance to 86 points for 44 goals and 42 assists from 47 MS matches. There are only two points left to balance the historic record of Nora Willy Fauskanger, who scored 54 goals in the championships with 58 goals and 30 innings.