Adam5811 January 31, 2016

His superiors ran out on artificial turf lawns after a week-long preparation for the spring season in order to disrupt the routine of the two-phase gale. “It was a diversion. In such games, it is important for the boys to play, to drop out of the stereotype of hard preparation and not to hurt anyone, “said a 63-year-old coach.

The Haná team put 22 players in the game, each eleven spent on play one half time. In the first one, Zbrojovka went on to Tomas Brigant in the 9th minute, but Olomouc was stronger in personal duels and played more compact. Thanks to that at 21.Jan Hladík’s equalizer, and after another 12 minutes, Ondřej Ševčík slipped into the lead.

The card started to turn in the second half when Zbrojovka completely replaced. “We were better combined, only in the final stage we had a problem. The center of the course was very condensed, “noted the head of the Brno squad.

The power of the Zbrojovka grew despite the third winning goal scored by Štefan Danis after an hour. In the end, Luke Zoubele’s great moments came. The Brno midfielder, who for a long time marodilli with a ruptured ligament in his ankle, turned two penalty in the 87th and 89th minute.

It was 3: 3 and the Brňans threatened to continue. “We wanted to turn it.Personally, I’ve always believed that we could win, “said Zoubele, who dropped a few chances in the game and wrestled himself.

” I even kicked a goal kick right from the goal line. I missed more emphasis, “the 30-year-old player shrugged his shoulders, feeling good after the injury. “But I have to take it from day to day. There was a lot of power. ”

In addition to the smiling returnees in the set, the red jersey of the Zbrojovka dressed up as well as the newcomers – defender Jiří Janoščin, who hosted the second league in Třinec in the autumn, and three-time Latvian representative Olegs Timofeyevs in Brno.The other clubs are not talking, Marody Pavlov Zavadil, Jakub Řezníček and Aleš Schuster replaced the Sigma juniors against Sigma.

“If we had the money and the cadre supplemented, then only quality. We have quite talented young players. It’s time for them to get the opportunity, “Kotal explained. “It will only be up to them.”

By the end of January, the Gunnery League will play next matches of the Tipsport League and will meet the Slovak Danube Lužná and Karolina. Preparation will culminate in a game camp in Turkey. The first confirmation of the rivals is the Bulgarian teams of Sofia and Razgrad and the Romanian CSMS Iasi.