Adam5811 August 21, 2016

It was enough to pick the opposite side of the pitch in the most important career match. If Karol Galba did it, he would probably be famous. This is how the name of the Slovak referee, who waved the final of the World Championship, will only be redeemed by real soccer fans. But his colleague pays in his homeland a legend.

This man is named Tofik Bachramov and on July 30, 1966, he entered history.In his head, within a few seconds, a major decision had to be born, which is still being debated and examined with the most up-to-date technique by a group of scientists.

Even after more than fifty years you can endlessly view the video that captures, what happened at the Wembley stadium at that time.

Playing an extension, the state of the World Championship final between home England and Germany is 2: 2. Geoff Hurst, the English striker, takes the ball into the ball, firing and the shot from the barrel reflects the line. Or maybe for her? Is it a goal?

Players are not sure. The main judge, Swiss Dienst, also did not.That is why the moment of glory of the fellow comes with a smooth haircut and a distinctive mustache, which looks carefully from the side line.

When the chief judge comes to him, he looks as convincing as he can imagine. He is furious with his hands and with a clear gesture does not give his colleague room for doubt: I saw a goal!

The goal of the century, as he soon became known.

“He was the only one who could really have the moment judge, “Galba recalled. “I asked him right after the match in the cloakroom: Did you really see that? He did not hesitate. He convinced us everything was clear from his point of view. ”

Bachramov never really said anything, and until he died he said:” I was sure.I have noticed how the ball waved the top net of the goal, so it was no matter where it hit. “But explain to the Germans who finally lost 2: 4. Even then they could get caught and still Bachramov was the one who robbed them of gold. However, the English have him as a hero who helped them with the only title of world champions in history. When he died in 1993, Hurst, who made his verdict a legend, could not miss a funeral.

For years, for the English, he was just “Russian bordering”, as he terribly called the day after The Times.He was a little bit interested in the fact that Bachram was actually Azerbaijan – with the distinction of Soviet nationalities he did not do his head on the islands. His true origin was registered by most fans only in 2004 when the English arrived to Baku for a qualification match world Cup. To his beloved judge, the ceremony was worshiped during a ceremony during which he was watching the revelation of Bachramov’s silver sculpture.

There is no other man in the world who would be honored to do so. Rather than acknowledgment, most of them will either be overwhelmed or at best end up in oblivion.But also Bachram’s son said, “People like my father are born once a hundred years.” But does a really dignified judge deserve all the glory? Besides the fact that he will probably discuss whether the golden goal is right, there is another unfortunate accusation. According to Russian Nikolai Latyšev, who led the 1962 World Cup finals between Czechoslovakia and Czechoslovakia Brazil, Bachramov secured his bribe in the decisive match.

“Tofik wished he waved the final and asked me for help,” Latyšev, who was a member of the Refereeing Committee at the tournament in England, told many years later. “We were compatriots so I did not want to push him anywhere and told him to try someone else.Finally, he chose my colleague from Malaysia. He handed him two glasses of a premium caviar-and it was done. ”

If things really did happen, it changed his life’s life. At home in Baku he could not even walk along the promenade, someone still stopped him with a request for a signature. Once he bathed in the sea and a crazy fan followed him just to give him a kebab cone. When the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher arrived in the city, she asked for a meeting with Bachramov. And Elton John composed a song for him at a concert in the Azerbaijani capital.

There, his grandson still keeps a souvenir in the closet, for which some English fan would sacrifice his fortune – a black jersey with a white collar from the memorable a finale that no one has ever scrapped.In the library you will discover Bachram’s memory again, from which one sentence is drawn.

“Football is a game full of unexpected twists, sometimes miracles. And who would not want to be a magician? It’s only for ninety minutes. ”

It’s a spell with a flag to bring football immortality.