Adam5811 January 5, 2016

The representative wings must now concentrate their strength elsewhere than on basketball decks. For a year and a half, she cares about Maruska’s daughter.

“Most of what I have to do, I hope already. I’m enjoying it and it’s terribly good. One can see the basket and everything around it from a different perspective. I may have more sleep now than ever before, because I often go to bed after lunch, which I did not do before.And if my paternity has any influence on my performance, then it’s only positive, “he says.” He does not speak in the wind, it proves his role as the acting MVP of the month in the basketball league. ”

March Hruban led the Nymburk team to balance 7-1 as its most useful player, averaging 15 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 1.6 profits for 23 minutes when he scored six or more times 14 or more points.

“Becoming a MVP month as a Nymburk player is probably harder than in another club.After all, we have twelve balanced players and there are not so many minutes and misses, but because we are the second one after Kendrick Ray, it’s not impossible, “said the representative, according to which the higher game numbers of some of the players are the game style this year lots of points.

Hruban went just in March, when the Kooperativa NBL superstructure was stacked, statistically significant upwards also due to the absence of another wing of Dardan Berisha and Paul Pumplly, as well. “There were more minutes and attempts left, and I had to. There was not much more anyone else who would shoot the attempts out of the perimeter.But it was a paradox that the winger started just at this time, because at the end of February he had to come up with one finger of a shotgun prayed to the other, when he squeezed a lot in the kitchen.

And at the end of March in Opava, a dangerous contact with Opava, Václav Bujnoh, followed when Hruban ended with a painful fall on his back. Immediately afterwards he had to enter Pardubice in the team marod.

“No one injury was so serious. If a person joins and knows that it can not get worse, there is always a way to play it.I cut my finger and dropped the crap on my back, but still I’m the Moon Moon, so when it does not happen next, I know what to do next, “she blasphews.

Eventually, the only punch for the best month the season was a league defeat in Pardubice, which in recent years in its hall on Dasice can be the only one in the long-term part of the NBL master overturn.

“Pardubice is the second best team in the Czech Republic, and who else should beat us? In addition, there is no good in their lobby, nor does it suit us well and Beksa is there at home. But it was not a tragedy. In fact, it’s good that it gave us a play-off game so we can concentrate again and return to the pace we played before. ”

Now it’s going to be kind of like that.The NBL semifinals, followed by one of the medal series and shortly after the season, will be followed by the concentration of the standings in front of the World Cup qualifiers with Finland (29 June) and Bulgaria (2 July) in the Pardubice arena. “I hope this will be basically a basketball game more than the first one in Helsinki. In front of him, we had only one day to prepare for Finy and three days for joint training. This time we will be a bit more integrated.I hope it will not be such a fierce fight as it is for the first time and it will be nicer for the spectators to watch, “adds fans to the Pardubice representative.