Adam5811 December 10, 2016

“The basic difference was the heart,” said Karel Havlicek, a coach of the Hradec Králové team.

It was really needed in the cold Sunday morning. After Saturday’s snowfall and frost, he gave the organizers a lot of work to bring the playing area into a regular state. Heavily heated lawn helped them.However, the start of the game was delayed by almost twenty minutes.

“Although the organizers had withdrawn the top snow layer immediately before the network, but mainly at the beginning there was a frost on the lawn which made the combination a lot harder,” said the Hradec coach. / p>

In the first half, the Hradec team did not carry the combination at all, and because it was under pressure, keeping the ball on the opponent’s half was an almost insoluble problem.

“We tried it but ended up with a second pass that was inaccurate. It was a bit of a shame on our side, “said the Hradec coach. He had to score the goal Hradec got after his goalkeeper Ottmar caught a penalty.The Kuchta in Žižkov was quite uninterrupted and sent home to the lead. “Just before the Underworld kicked the penalty, I called on the player to watch the stop. Unfortunately, the home side went to three players, so the goal was anyway, “said Havlíček.

Also, the second goal to be won by Hradec trainers has to be raised. The direct kick kicked by Hradec from a very good position did not only turn the home away but immediately set off for a quick break, which no one of the Hradec players could stop. It was ten minutes after the Urbanec break. “They played it great,” said Ottmar goalkeeper only.

Only then did the Hradec started to push more in the attack, but to a more significant chance, let alone the goal.Maybe they could just say he did not hit a penalty kick at Svejk’s hand. “The match was a lot of fighting, but we did some football games,” said coach Victoria Bohumil Pilný, before Hradec coach year ago . For his team, it was the third spring win, which moved him just before Hradec. “We are happy for such a series because we have come to a standstill,” contented Pilny said.