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It’s a tradition in Liberec. Since the year 2000, when the local footballers first looked into Europe, they are holding the exception except in European competitions.

This year they have won cup participation for the fifteenth time in history. Thanks to Saturday’s 4: 2 victory over Brno, three laps before the end of the season jumped to the third place of the league table and they can no longer end up worse than the quarters.

said Liberec captain Lukáš Pokorný. “I am very glad that we managed to confirm the three laps before the end. It is wonderful for us to realize that last year we played for rescue and we got through the cup through the last-minute home cup. ”

The European League will be playing for the fifth consecutive season.Meeting the goal of penetrating again into the Cup Europe was not lost even by the winter departure of the key players David Pavelka and Josef Šural. We met the main goal we had, ”said the trainer Jindřich Trpišovský. “The situation in the winter was not quite easy, important players left us and on the other hand, Slavia strengthened by several above-standard players. And yet we have increased our lead anyway. ”

According to the Liberec coach, the successful spring is mainly due to the footballers themselves. “I have to cut a big bow for the player’s cabin. For the fifth time in a row we won, holding third place…We managed to bet on the character of the players and in difficult moments we get back, ”Trpišovský said. But after the break, an unprecedented firefight occurred. Folprecht first sent Liberec into the lead, but Brno responded with two Zoubele hits. Slovan, however, did not pass the match and managed to turn the match with three goals. “I’m happy, waiting for the goal was incredibly long for me.Isaac Sackey gave me the ball beautifully, and I hit the goalkeeper’s foot just as I wanted it, “said Bartl.

In the next round, Liberec will perform in an attractive duel on the second Sparta field. If he succeeded there, he could still clash with her for the league silver championship to start the Champions League qualification. He has only four points to lose. “We will go there saying that we have nothing to lose because we have already made it to the Cup Europe. Anything else will be just a bonus, ”said Daniel Bartl.

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