Adam5811 July 25, 2016

“To date, we have not received the official opinion of the Union’s Executive Committee Tuesday. We only comment on what we saw in the media. But the union did not understand what the dispute was all about. It has never been the amount of state money Ester Ledecká receives from the union, ”began the press briefing of Sport Invest, David Trávníček.

What is it then?

Simply the freedom to sign commercial partners with whom Ester Ledecka and her team want to work together.

“The Union restricts us in dealing with partners that are necessary for Ester to compete and defeat the world.If we signed the representation contract as amended at the end of August, Esther would voluntarily deprive itself of funds from commercial sources, which are also necessary for the complete and complete preparation of Esther in the season. We were limited and disadvantaged in this, ”Trávníček described.

Reportedly, it is sufficient that this one part of the contract be changed to sign the Ledec representation contract.

Trávníček then commented on another points that were heard at the Ski Brigade’s Tuesday briefing.

For example, the amount that Ledecká will receive from the Ski Association (CZK 3,773,067) and the Army Sports Center Dukla and the Czech Olympic Committee (CZK 1,850,000). / p>

“We are sorry that the union has decreased to the details of the contract, which is not done in a decent society.Money is not a union, it is just a flow heater money from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. And all this money must be difficult to account for Esther. It’s not that she gets money on her account and decides what she needs. On the other hand, the amount Esther spent for the union in the past season will be close to five million crowns and it may not be difficult to account, ”Trávníček said.

This is not enough to finance the whole season. He travels, has twice as many trainers. Costs are exceptional and higher.Without commercial money, she would not have paid that season and would not have become a double Olympic champion, ”says the head of the agency.

As far as I can remember, no Czech athlete has won the Olympic Games in two disciplines. Esther is a global phenomenon that we should be proud of. Who else should have such exceptional support?Lindsey Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin have budgets many times higher. ”

The Wednesday briefing also discussed the so-called ultimatum of the union, according to which Ledecky had been threatened to compete if he did not sign the representation contract by the end of August. >

On this point, the Agency also published part of a letter from the Ski Association sent to Ledecká.

“The Executive Committee further decided that, unless this was done by 31 August 2018, Ester Ledecká would not have the status of a Czech representative, all funding from SLČR will be stopped and we will call WWTP and Dukla to do the same. Therefore, Ester Ledecká will not be registered for the races, ”said the letter to the representation contract of 23.

“That is why the Tuesday statement of the representatives of the union was an absolute lie,” Trávníček said. .

“Mr. Sobotka openly lied to the media about the most important issue – whether the union would register Esther or not. We don’t care if Esther will be in the national team, we will have enough to race. If it can be arranged so that it can race outside the union, we will be the happiest, ”added Janek Ledecký.