Adam5811 December 10, 2016

Even though the knights still have a 3: 1 3: 1 advantage in the series, they have a few more bumps, but on the other hand they know they are not done yet. The Legendary 68 has earned fourteen of the fifteen needed starts in the game and can continue to feed the hope that he will recover to the barrage that starts on Tuesday, March 27th.

So far, it does not look much like it. Forty-four-year-old squirrel stood at the back of the home quarterback. And he immediately headed for her as soon as the Referee had set the opening bull. He also spent the rest of the match in his armor, which he has not intervened anymore.

And this suggests that his condition is better.Jágra still suffers from the knee injury he suffered on Feb. 17 after Mark Sikora’s Hawaiian surgery. Then he lost his consciousness when he hit the crash, and when he fell he fell on his leg unhappily.

“It’s still the same, I’m not able to train, I’m not able to play. It is a destiny. There are things I can not control now. I’m trying to do the best, so I’m going to the matches for the start – if my status happened to improve. You never know. The last games of the barrage are played in a month, “said Jagr now.

Actually: Kladno did without him until yesterday. Prostějov was eliminated in the quarterfinals and in the semifinals he was unexpectedly rolling in Budějovice.He won both matches out and dominated on Saturday.

The team was very determined on Sunday as well, but only after 1: 0, even if the opponent was ripe for a higher prize. As it turned out later, this hesitation was key.

“I would not mind your head, it’s play off. I believe we will succeed next, “said coach Miloslav Hořava.

While Kladno could theoretically experience a drama similar to a football derby, in which Sparta also lost three-goal leadership, Karlovy Vary left no doubt – the Slaviy series managed 4: 0 clearly in the matches and could still rest prepare for the jump with Litvínov and Jihlava.

Will Kladno be added, or will Jágr eventually play the extra-league play off in Třinec? “I do not even think about it.I will repeat, but my priority is Kladno, “the famous striker responded.