Andy January 16, 2018

They shot twice (8: 4 and 9: 3), but the two rivals bite. And at this very moment, the Czech Republic could rely on Matěj Jendrišák, one of the world floorball stars. Against the Norwegians he hit twice. In the middle of the match he turned the lightning strike into a ford. The goal to 5: 0 was ultimately victorious, because the Norwegians marveled at the end of the match.
53 minutes ago, they gave two goals, then they called away the goalie and the turbulent Czechs fainted. Jendrišák, who made a great turn and pulled the ball into the empty goal, finished the game.

After the game, he said heavily: “There is a lot of pressure on us after the two years (when the Czechs did not succeed) we are aware of it.On the other hand, at the concentration camp in Teplice, we said that we must keep this and believe it. The victory was important to us. ”

Linkoping is a trailer

is a modern floorball player. He uses stunning characters, he’s got to pull him off the ball. Besides, he has an overview, he is seldom confused on the pitch. They are aware of his experience with the Swedish Super League, which is sometimes compared to the NHL or the Premier League football. Main difference compared to other competitions? Balance.

“There are at least ten teams fighting for play-off until the final round of the base.There are four, five strong teams in the Czech superlife, and the rest is not that good, “Jendrišák compared for last year. The Swedes also rebut the suspicion that floorball is a sport for ballet dancers. In the north, playing hard, height and strength are an advantage, not a handicap. Maybe that’s why in Sweden the power of the Czechs has not got worse.

Jendrišák is an exception. In his first season in Sweden (2014/15) he won the prize for the best newcomer in the league. Deservedly – Linköping surprisingly reached the final. A year later, he was silver; his team again fell into a thrilling super-finals.

the team player is fortunate for Bohemia.On Sunday, he was holding the championship against home Latvia. Not only has he used the power play, but he has also secured the first goal of the opponent’s goal.

The Czech Republic is almost certainly in the quarterfinals, although Sweden will be ahead of play-off tomorrow. It will be interesting to see whether Jendrišák will also shine against colleagues from the Swedish league. Winning over floorball masters would be a boom for Bohemia