Adam5811 December 10, 2016

The experienced coach, who celebrates his 60th birthday in August, on Saturday held the team in the top domestic competition as the head coach of the 300th match. And this “his” Jablonec came out to be one with an asterisk.

In a battle of two in the spring of the 100% successful teams of North Bohemia in Vysočina, they beat home Jihlava 4: 0! a heavy opponent, so we’re winning that prize, “the club said,” It was a club that ran from November 2013 to October 2014. “It was a very important match for us before the break, we wanted to extend our series.And we knew that a team is waiting for us in a similar way in the spring part, and even better than we did in the spring “, he recalled that Jihlava managed to defeat Slavia and Pilsen in Prague at the beginning of the spring.

But this time has been all diametrically different from the position of the Jihlava ensemble.

“I think it was a bad game in all directions. The game and the result, “admitted disappointed coach Martin Svědík. “We can not say that we would have been successful in something.”

This time, the Vysočina was completely failed at the beginning of the game. In less than a quarter of Jablonec, Dolezal and Masopust rebounded to lead 2-0.

“In the beginning we gave two goals that helped us a lot.And they got us into the game of comfort, “Radu said. “We dominated the first half,” he adds.

“The start has determined the nature of the match. Everywhere we were late, Jablonec moved better, everything testified, “Svedik noted. “I do not mind the fact that Jablonec did not advance in the aggressiveness and unpleasant gameplay we played in previous matches,” the Jihlava coach regretted.

Even before the break, Jablonka Holeš raised the lead, .In the heads of fans in Jihlava, the memories of the previous two mutual duels with Jablonec, in which the Vysočina coincidentally succumbed to 0: 5, began to be hunted for the second time by Masopust, but this time the fifth goal of the Jihlava goal was not made. “The match was influenced by two early goals, after which we lost our self-esteem.Our performance did not go up anymore, on the contrary, we muddled the mud more and more, “regretted Svedik.

The Slytherk waited more for the players to replace the wounded

“I also waited for the players who were given the opportunity to show up,” the coach of Jihlava reminded that Holík and Zoubele were injured by the injured support of Vaculík and Zoubele New. “They should have done better. I’m sorry for both Holase and Nova, who both participated in the winning goals, “Svědík admitted.

” About 5 minutes later, Petr Tlustý was terribly spoiled, who was terribly familiar with it ” added the name of another picker. “But I do not want to seduce anyone.Our game is based on team performance, from which everything develops. And so he just did not work the way he did. ”

Jihlava lost her best-ever series – she has never won more than three games in the league before. “We must quickly forget about this game and return to what we played at the beginning. There is nothing else in the way, “Svědík reminds us that nine laps before the end of the competition, Vysočina has only three points ahead of the descent ramps.

” I have already said that Jihlava is not among those who should fall. Which is true now, “says the Home Council. “Four matches with top teams won.So there is no point in making a conclusion after one loss. ”

On the other hand, Jablonec can continue to enjoy the winning series, thanks to which he got to fifth in the table, a point in front of Prague Sparta. I’m glad they are doing well, boys have fun and play well, “he looks forward to Radu, who after the winter arrival to Jablonec still knew nothing but victory – including the quarterfinals of the home cup. “But I’m not overpowering,” says an experienced coach.