Adam5811 March 22, 2016

“We have a deadline of July 14, three weeks before the Olympics. We couldn’t even choose a better date, ”says a happy Judo.

His wife Eva married last June. Although they planned the child, it was only after the Olympics. “In the end, we’re glad it came right now, I should get a birth,” he believes. This expectation keeps him in a good mood despite the unsuccessful first season. He finished ninth at the Grand Slam in Paris, then dominated the European Cup in Prague, but left the European Championship in Kazan with a broken arm. Even that was the reason for his fall out in the first round.Yet the American company, Gracenote, has chosen him among the Czech quartet to win a gold medal in Brazil. I have two weeks to do it, then we will fly to Asia and five weeks later, the Masters Tournament awaits me in Mexico, ”says 25-year-old Judoka. preparation for Rio. She already knows how to take part in the games, but Krpálek would like to stay among the top eight in the Olympic tournament. This avoids heavier opponents from the start. Currently at 6.In the Brazilian capital, he was already wrestling three years ago at the World Championships, from which he brought bronze. I can’t imagine a more beautiful place for the Olympics than Rio, “he says. “Just a few months ago, I didn’t admit it, but it’s getting more and more.” In July, she will support Eva’s wife at childbirth. In August, he then goes for the biggest sporting goal. “I’m going to be angry that it will be born to me and I will have to leave now.But at the same time, it will be a huge motivation to win a medal and return home as soon as possible, ”he says. “So I know things are more important than life in the life,” Krpálek concludes.