Adam5811 December 7, 2016

When he ran to the corner flap and pumped his fist, he heard the joy of joy in Julius’ silence. In front of thousands of mostly silent spectators, Davis Ikaunieks celebrated the goal of Jihlava’s football helped to extend the splendid start to spring.

Yes, at that moment, there was silence around it, but this is not the case in recent weeks. The Latvian cannon rallied among the main characters of the Czech league – and the underestimated Jihlava, who in the autumn looked on the descent, stretches unexpectedly.

Four spring matches, victory over Slavia and Pilsen and a full twelve points?This is a balance that could hardly be expected from the almost depreciated team from the Highlands.

One thing is for sure: without the 24-year-old Ikauniekse and his three winners and four winners, Jihlava would look completely different. And it was not too far for a star to go out in the winter.

“We have a lot of clubs that are interested in Davis,” says Ikaunieks agent Paul Ziek. “In the game was Jablonec, Mr. Pelta has the smoke on the player, which is a stamp of quality.But Ikaunieks is not keeping a record with the new coach Svědík and persistently proves what his strength is: he acts as a killer before the goal and even when he is Jihlava shrugged for retention, managed to get at least one chance in almost every match.

“I mean a player like a killer,” Zich smiles. “He’s still going to burn a lot of chances, but he’ll go with age. I think Davis is now the best striker in the league. ”

Courageous words? Certainly, but if only the current form was to be evaluated, Ikaunieks would find it hard to find competition. And that could have been more of a goal if he did not score a penalty in the last round against Teplice.

“It’s a clog,” sniffed Svedik.In fact, he knows what a treasure is in a fast assailant. On Friday he placed an initial goal on Dukla, then scored two on his own and managed a 3: 1 victory, which raised Jihlava to tenth.

Who expected last summer to have an unknown name in the Czech Republic? Ikauniekse was discovered by Lieutenant Zilek in Liechtenstein, a promising invader advised Jihlava and she already knows that she did not.

Even though Ikaunieks did not learn Czech for a year and a half, the interviews give exceptionally and communicate only Russian or average English, he got used to the Czech Republic. And soon comes the time to move up.

“Perhaps in the spring, he’ll be getting up to leave,” he says.Ideally first to a bigger team in the Czech Republic, try cups and then head higher.

But by the summer, it will last in Jihlava, which helped make the spring fever of the favorites.