Adam5811 July 25, 2016

He spent approximately twelve million crowns on his daughter during his career.

He didn’t get any money from the Ski Association at the beginning of his career.

“I never even got connected to the public sector I was grants, we built a theater for our own money, ”Ledecký recalled.

He first met with public funds when little Ester Ledecká started racing at the age of six.

we are waging a continuous war with the Union. It has always been because the union succumbed to the feeling that competitors and races exist only because of the union. But that’s not the case, ”said the father of the Olympic champion.

Ledecky was threatened by a union who wrote in his letter of 23 August:Ester Ledecká will not have the status of a representative of the Czech Republic. That means that Ester Ledecka will not be registered for races. ”

“ They still have their fingers up, we’ll let you race over there, not over there. After that amazing success, I got to my knees not to enroll her in the races and still recommend partners to break the contract with Esther, ”Ledecký was angry. “I consider it a bizarre and outrageous thing. In my view, the only solution – the union will make the flow of public money transparent.They are public funds and we all deserve to know how they are being distributed. ”

Then, in his emotions, the singer-songwriter urged Lukáš Sobotka to resign.” If he’s a dude, he will resign himself for myself. But if he’s not a dude, which I don’t think he is, he’ll keep his nails as long as it gets stuck on the flow of state money, ”Ledotky said in Ledecky.

The father of Czech amphibian is clear If Ledecka is to compete in the World Cups for the Czech Republic, it must have a representation agreement signed.

This is a condition of the union to register competitors for the races.

It is clear.If he were not a union, the racers would be racing sensationally, ”Ledecký said. If he does not sign a representation agreement, then for another state?

“I must openly say that if it is not possible, it is obvious. If somebody thinks that Esther will stop, because someone does not like it, then not, ”added Ledecký. Republic. “