Adam5811 August 21, 2016

What happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas, he says. But seven years ago, there was a tradition that has long since grown the boundaries of the “city of sin.”

The masquerade was then played by a bunch of fans Jaromir Jágra in disguise as their favorite. With black curly wigs on their heads and jerseys from the various veteran Czech veterans.

The jerk of the Jagrs has their own book of strictly complied with the rules, and together they play a flying legend. They are attending training sessions, matches, and exhibitions. “We joined together in 2010 and since then it’s just better and better,” says Tylor Keller, one of the founders of a peculiar and growing group.Most of their members come from Calgary.

There’s going to be Jagger’s career going, the 45-year-old veteran has recently agreed with Flames on an annual contract. “That we would stop traveling for that? No, we will continue to fly, “says Chris Richter, another member of the Jaggers.

For Jagger’s faithful one change is coming – their code is that they only cheer on Yahweh, not domestic or guest team. But now Jagr dresses the Flames jersey. A team that wishes for several of his twinners.

“We will have to sit down and think about this point,” Richter admits. Another concern is finding a new member of the Calgary orange jersey.Richter and Keller are already planning to recruit, apparently in the Scotiabank Saddledome, the Flames home arena.

It will surely be a media event, Jagger’s fans have become celebrities. They give interviews, they appear in television shots. People are taking pictures of them, thousands of them are watching a recession on social networks.

Finding a new member is nothing unheard of for Jaguar travelers. After the double world champion has replaced six clubs since he returned to the NHL.

The Pittsburgh, Washington and NY Rangers jerseys were successively added to Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, New Jersey and Florida. The group also includes the Kladno and the representative Jagr.Everyone had to swear an oath and commit to respecting rules before accepting.

For example, for no juggler jet-rafting, he must not be lifted out of the seat before the real Jagger enters the ice. >

The player welcomed the enthusiast in the wig himself, he was repeatedly saluted by saluting, he had several times to find a few words and a joint shoot.

Similarly, George Hudler had a fanclub in Calgary, he was still rolling. He spent his best season in his career and won an individual trophy.

But now comes Jagr’s time.