Adam5811 January 31, 2016

“We decided to keep them under pressure,” said coach Petr Brom after winning 3: 0.

“Before the game I told boys to minimize the number of mistakes and to stay moments when rivals risk, “continued coach of Karlovarska. “The bottom line was to get into each set early on and hold the lead, and they panicked.”

The Bronze Team of last year’s extralig year did not have a single straight end and every set made trouble. Three points were won by volleyball players of Karlovy Vary after an hour of play.

Coaches Petr Brom and Jiří Novák have had no reason to change their way.The entire match played second team setter Andreas Eriksson.

“Paul Bartos troubled by back problems due to a shortage of training, and so we did in this match still left to rest,” vysvělil change Brom. “Eriksson We also need to try the wrestling load acquitted of the well, although he admonishes something.”

Swedish extremely recorder has extracted the most productive player of the competition Džavoronoka Donovan, who in three sets attacked forty. On the other hand, Tomáš Širokému offered only two recordings at the center of the network. The Polish Olympian Robert Szczerbaniuk re-introduced the smash.The forged blocker proved his complexity.

“Thanks to his experience, he played his part well,” said Coach Brom. “When it comes to the pass, it is not bad, and in terms of block, attack and interlude, it played quite reliably there.”

After the third win in a row Karlovy Vary defends the bronze position in the extra league table. Precise Pre-match Preparation helped to do that.

“I have come to Prague for three points and we have done so. We went into the match with the fact that we want to give the match a tempo and direction from the start, which we have succeeded. In every set we wanted to lead right from the start because we know homeplayers play a bit differently than outdoor matches.We succeeded in this and then we only increased our lead and led the match to the winning end, “added coach Petr Brom.

Tomáš Široký, the captain of the team, had the same feeling. “We went to the match with a clear goal and that was three points, which we did and we like. We were tormented at home and step by step in each set we managed to win the match. ”

The Monday TV tour of the round will offer a rerun of last year’s final in Liberec – České Budějovice. Guests will be defending the invincibility of the Dukla master hall in the Hall of the Dukla.

In his first domestic performance in the new year, Karlovy Vary will welcome the last semifinalist Zlín.The fourteenth round of the extralig round will take place on Saturday at 18 o’clock.