Adam5811 December 7, 2016

So he took the offer of the Slovak Union to train a representation in the age of twenty-one. It’s three and a half years.

Cut to the present. Hapal is supposed to be the main personality to help Spartan football. With the Czech coach replacing the criticized Italian Stramaccioni, this is a partial retreat from the international trip that Spaniard Chief Daniel Křetínský has set for hundreds of millions.

Stramaccionimu can be blamed a bit, but certainly not that he can throw money out of the window. He did not throw them out, just opened the window. It is the responsibility of Stramaccioni to assert himself. Who thought he was the right expert to give the biggest Czech club the right direction, the vision.

If the true Hapal is, I dare not even estimate.He started with a draw in Karvina and it is clear that he will need fans’ patience and time. He’s going to get him just like his predecessor.

And the fight for the title is reported…Video!

The second slave lost Letenští already seven points. The stitching has mastered the hit of the round with the third Olomouc in a great way. They squeezed the Sigma, losing 15 minutes before the end, but then with a tremendous will and teamwork, with the support of the fan of the frenetic fan, they turned to 3: 1. This kind of football looks like football coach Jindřich Trpišovský.

The match could well end 7: 3. Slavia, as well as in the autumn, showed that in the second place in the second place it is over the friendly Olomouc. Here, the economic possibilities go on the lawn.No other Sigma played so much.

The Hanáků were defeated before the match, they did not hold the ball at all, and they did a hundred percent in the block, but it was not enough. Sigma goalkeeper Michal Reichl, who replaced the wounded veteran Bucht, showed that the club has a future for him. He made extraordinary interventions and twice helped Simon Falt as he kicked the balloon out of the line.

Reichl took on a gesture of fair play; 1: 1 admitted the flow and Slavia cars. At a time when Olomouc was under pressure. Hats off! His teammate Martin Sladký did not have so much courage in the first half, and Slavia did not admit the horn.

From there it is judged that…

And in action he was also video-dead. Again on Slavia. Only thanks to him was the difference in goal of Tecla, whose bordering Mokrusch was mistakenly seen in the offside.Judge Orel counseled and Slavia led in twenty seconds. That’s what it should look like, Olomouc also said.

But again, I can not fail to mention that it is very unfair when the video only works somewhere. It also affects the seemingly finished fight for the title. Leader Pilsen is stumbling, waiting for spring win, at home against the brave Liberec just won the draw thanks to the shot of Krmenčík, who was in the offs. I hope this point will not play a crucial role at the end…

Olomouc coaching school heavily influenced by brückner there is a lot of representation in the league. Happell spoiled the premiere of his friend Josef Mucha on the Karviná bench.Brno leads Roman Pivarnik, Jaroslav Hynek Duklu, Vlastimil Petrzela is Zlin, and Radik Kučera got a parachute in Baník, helped by Petr Uličný.

Kucer’s end was inevitable, the last of Ostrava at the bottom of the table, the competitors run away and rescue Baník between the elite will be a difficult task even with the rich and enthusiastic owner Brabc in his back and several reinforcements not only on the pitch.

The club brought Martin Rak, an expert in marketing, who has done a great job in Olomouc in the past. I believed Kucher, he was a character with experience from the Bundesliga, but the first league session did not succeed at all. This is also a valuable experience. Bohumil Páník, until recently Zlín coach, was to save Baník.

His successor in Zlín, the distinctive Petrzela, is already enjoying the league with his sincerity.After another defeat in Teplice he explained the substitution of Matejov, who he sent to the playground as a substitute, but withdrew him after 20 minutes: “He had an allergy, I do not know what. Maybe to me. ”

Maybe it’s an original answer, but it’s totally unacceptable from the coach. Is not there a player on one ship? Do not make one team? She has been doing so much in the past as a coach, and he is particularly respected for being active in St. Petersburg, but with such a Zlin hardly cemented, he kicks. It’s only two points from the descent positions…

The battle for rescue will be quite exciting. Jihlava continues the famed ride, winning the fourth spring match, this time at Dukla 3: 1 and just like a week ago at all the Ikaunieks. Form as thunder. And its market price is rising steeply.By the way, Jihlava coach Martin Svědík kicked the league behind Olomouc.

Four spring games won also Jablonec, treatment with impulsive coach Petr Radou took so much that Severočesá are suddenly in the game of cups. Players appreciate being a great motivator for the whole game. And that’s how many times more than three juggles.

Pretty shedding.