Adam5811 December 7, 2016

In the basic part of Pardubice nad Olomouckou they won twice without difficulty, but the first home match of the superstructure did not get out of them.

The last team of the A1 team has won 30 points and 12 rebounds by Charles Mitchell. After his third trip in the match, Olomoucko led 76 minutes in 30 minutes. But then the home took and settled at 85:85, turning the match but did not succeed.

“During the second half we managed to get closer, but we always made mistakes in defense and the opponent punished it, with a foul. Conclusion Olomouc has already looked at, “said Pardubice coach Tomáš Bartošek. Eastbourne did not save 21 points by Brandon Spearman.

Nymburk kept unbeatable even after a match in Opava, in which a nearly infallible shooter, Václav Bujnoch, shone.With 26 points he was the best in a match in which he turned all eight shots for two points and four penalties. Not only did one of three three-point attempts. Radim Klečka added 15 points and seven assists.

“To defeat Nymburk, all our players have to meet the form and it was not today. We won the first and last quarter, it is a partial success, “said Opava coach Petr Czudek.

Central Bohemia led Martin Kříž with 11 points and 13 rebounds, Vojtěch Hruban with 19 points and Tomáš Vyoral with 17 points six assistants.

Děčín managed to clear 72:50 Svitavy, which gave the least points in the season.Worse shooting performance in this year showed only Brno in three games. “Fifty points indicate that we have lost the sport and it is up to us, especially the coaches, to put the team in the cluster. To start believing and being aggressive, “said coach Lubomir Ruzicka.

“Although we have many good Trojans, they have not been able to get behind the arc. This was, of course, also due to the good energy of Děčín. In the last matches, we see that we miss the penetrating game to the basket, we play a lot of space. In addition, throwing three penalty throws is just a little, and it shows that we were not aggressive towards the basket, “added the coach of Turs. In group A2 both teams holding two playoff positions led differently.Head of Ústí nad Labem lost 81:86 on the board of fourth Ostrava, which also won in the third round of the superstructure part and fights for hope for participation in the decommissioning battles. Dušan Medvecký’s defeat defeated the Usti for the first time in the season.

The North Bohemians had 22 points before the end but then collapsed and the rest of the match lost at 15:42. And they did not help them with Evan Singletary (24 points and eight rebounds) and Donald Robinson (22 points and six rebounds). Basketball players USK Praha consulted with Brno 76:49 and lost only two points on the Sun . Young representative Ondřej Sehnal led the Prague team with 11 points, 10 assists and six rebounds. Canyon Barry did not save 20 points.