Adam5811 January 8, 2016

“I went to class with Anička Sucha, but I also know Lenka Podhraž, Nikča Vaňková and many other girls,” said Chevalier, who came to the Ostrava post before the season from KP Brno. “Playing with them is so different to me than to go against other teams. Success was a great motivation for me. “He admits that in defense of the field, he has the advantage that the opponent knows well that he will better estimate where they will attack. “But the coach is always preparing a video and telling us what we should watch out for,” she added. “But girls know me, too. They know what service is causing me problems. ”

In the last three home games, Ostravans played five sets: twice in the semifinals with Olomouc and the first duel with Brno.And we have always won the fifth set.

“We’ve already said with girls that we need to ramp up when we’ve had so many breaks,” she said. “We know very well that we have to play the whole game so we can not fall asleep.”

Chevalier’s last year’s Brno-Brno medal match was followed only by the Brno Junior junior. “I only trained the extralig team at the beginning of the season.”

So when she came from Ostrava, she took it. “And I’m happy here.” So far, she does not know if she will continue because she has not yet signed the new treaty. So she played a bronze series and a new engagement? “We do not have the settings here. It’s about an agreement.We’ve played important matches now, so we’ll be all right now. ”

But she would like to stay in Ostrava. Also because from the next school year, the University of Ostrava will study economic geography and regional development.

If the season ends, Adéla Chevalierová does not relax from volleyball. She received an invitation to a wider selection of the team of Ostrava coach Zdeněk Pommer.

“I did not expect it at all. It will come to me that everything happens in my career very quickly, “said Chevalier, 20, who volunteered at the age of fifteen. “There are experienced older players in the national team, but I will fight and look forward to it.I’m happy for every opportunity, no matter how I can get more experience. “