Adam5811 March 11, 2016

After Friday’s play between Brno and Bohemians, six games are played on Saturday, on Sunday there is just a Sparty duel with Příbram.

When the two clubs in Liberec competed for the last time, the game ended with a no- and Olomouc came down to the second league.

“I think Olomouc has improved in the autumn, although it is not entirely supported. I saw her match with Pilsen and Sparta and they were at least a balanced opponent. When I take the combination of health problems of our team, the forms of Olomouc and our ribbon here with the condition of the course, I have respect for this match, “commented Liberec coach Jindřich Trpišovský.

Now Olomouc is the penultimate and struggling to rescue, Ostrava 6: 2.Liberec has not crowned the last two home games.

“Liberec is a very offensive team. Fast transition phase, dangerous and very effective Bakoš in front and good standard situation. The opponents who are at the forefront of the table want to play and that openness testifies to us more than the deep blocks of opponents from the bottom half of the table, “said Olomouc coach Václav Jílek.

The fighters are entering the match after a week during which club busy. The president and minority owner Jiří Šimáň resigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Jaroslav Tvrdík, a representative of the CEFC’s main owner, will take his place.

Slavia is going to be cups, but he does not know much about Jablonec. She has not played five matches. “We are definitely going to have a hard game.Jablonec has an excellent team that has been staying longer than us. But we are all fine at the end and we train together. I am happy with this, although some have started this week, “said coach Dušan Uhrin younger.

” We are going to Slavia with the goal to score on the opponent’s court. We have two matches out now and this is the perfect opportunity to take the minus points a bit. But the quality of Slavia is great, it will certainly be an excellent audience, which is the twelfth Slavie player, “said Jablonec coach Zdenko Frťal. Last Ostrava is five games without winning, the season wins with almost no chance for rescue, but he certainly does not give up in any match without a fight.

“From an opponent who defeats Sparta, we can expect everything.If the boys are not afraid to go to the duels, I believe that we can get our own skill, “said Ostrava coach Vlastimil Petrzel.

The Slovaks defeated Sparta a week ago, defeating the fight for the title. In the spring he has a great form, losing only one of the last six rounds.

“The win over Sparta gave us confidence. However, we must quickly forget about this success. Although Baník is hopelessly last on the table and in the last round suffered a debacle in Olomouc, we can not afford to underestimate the opponent, “said guest coach Svatopluk Habanec.

A direct fight for rescue. If the home team wins, they will score for the ninth Teplice.Yes, the ninth team is threatened by the descent.

Jihlava, who holds the fourteenth non-stalemate three points in front of Olomouc, has not defeated Teplice home in the four previous matches.

“I believe the last home loss with Pribram will be motivated by our players. Even though we did a better performance in the last round in Pilsen, it will take a long time before we repair the pribrash defeat and we will head off, “Jihlava coach Michal Hipp said.

The last time Teplice succumbed to Brno by goal from penalty match and a lot of players and coach Vavruška angry at Zavadila that after the intervention of Ljevakovich fall film.The fact is that he has been hit with a seriously wounded knee and is out of the game.

“We were at home and Brno in the attack as if they were gales, there were few balls in lime, we were pushing little. We have to improve it in Jihlava. Potential three points would help us in the table.These matches with the teams around us are key to the development of the season, “said Teplice coach David Vavruška.

Third Boleslav is a clear favorite, she did not win in eight competitive matches, not only with competitors from the front of Pilsen , Sparta and Liberec.

“I expect to play in the home match to win from Příbram and refine the offensive to show our fans football as we did on the domestic lawn in autumn,” says Karel Jarolí,

Dukla lost the last three games without scoring.

“Boleslav is one of the best teams in the Czech Republic. In addition, they have recently managed to turn the game in Příbram, where they lost 0: 2, and beat the Pilsen Cup.We are in a situation where we need to break our black series. It will not be a simple match, but we will fight and try to get a point, “said coach Luboš Kozel.

Although Pilsen won only one of eight league games in Zlín, it was last seen in October 2008, just before the arrival of coach Pavel Vrba in Pilsen, which is the beginning of the new Pilsen era. Now it is a huge favorite, the league goal has not gotten 572 minutes and won twelve matches in a row.

“Zlin is not afraid of anyone and is dangerous for every opponent. They did not get into the spring, they got a little in trouble, and now they play rescue.It will be harder for us because they will do their best to keep the league, “said Pilsen coach Karel Krejci.

For Pilsen, the game could be more complicated, because the Zlínists did not make a mistake from the autumn match, after which they felt the damage to the court verdict.

Zlin in the spring earned a single point after the 0: 0 draw at home with Olomouc and the first half of the table to sound down. He has only five points ahead of the descent ramp.

“We can only be surprised to show our fans in better light and forget about bad performances.In the last match in Jablonec we made a good performance in the first half, which we will try to make, “says Zlín coach Bohumil Páník. Spartians have only returned from Spain on Friday, where they succumbed in the opening quarterfinal of the European League Villarreal 1: 2. In addition to the league game duel, he lost the second consecutive game. The extremely challenging program and a lot of absences in the line-up make it another difficult game.

“Sparta is a clear favorite in the home. I do not even remember when she lost her last time at home. And I do not think her absence would be an advantage to us.Whether it will be in any composition, it will be very difficult for us to play, “said Pavel Tobias, a coach from Příbram.