Adam5811 April 18, 2016

Chomutov was the first to go to the lead at the end of the first period, when Kaša recorded Koblas at the renumbering. Although he did not get the exact puck, he was able to find a gap between the bar and the goalkeeper Hrubec. The puck got blue to Krajíček, whose hard blow hit Netek in the net. a hard blow from blue Roth, it seemed that the home wouldn’t miss a clear victory. It was a mistake.

The Silesians were colliding with their own indiscipline that the guests were punishing.He cut down the jumper with a jumper in five-to-three power-play, and his partner Huml, who settled in five-to-four, picked up the bounced reel and sent it back to the net with a backhand. There was a great chance for the guest Růžička, who scrubbed up in front of the goalkeeper and tried to end up among his concrete. But in vain, he didn’t have to regret it. His moment came a little later.

At exactly 76:12 he pushed himself in a power play similarly to his previous chance in front of the goal, but this time he did not aim at the concrete but at the right pole.It was the right decision.

Pilsen made a great entry into the match and was already in the lead in the third minute. However, the home did not even lay it down. Already in eighteen seconds, he was equaling Valský, who cleverly fired from behind the goal and the puck bounced off the line from the goalkeeper Machovský. And when Kracík was eliminated, the result was Bartovič: Ševc fired from blue and the Slovak forester puck cleverly. In power play he took Čerešňák all the way to the right, where he hit the space under the top stick with a swing.

After switching sides, Liberec switched on.Right at the beginning of the second part, he hit the top of the Jelínek stick, after a great pressure in power play, Plzeň scored Machovský, who eliminated the wounds of Krenželok and Jelínek until the moment came: Svačina found the goal of free Bartovič, who was in the fall for the second time. >

In the third part, Pilsen almost managed to cope, but Lašák held his team five and a half minutes before the end with an excellent intervention. And when, at 57:32, Krenželka scored the fourth goal, which was fired into the open goal after Šimka’s pass, it was decided.