Adam5811 January 27, 2016

She did not know what to expect, but it turned out that the owner of 23 grandslames could break the ice. “Before the match, I skirt my skirt, it is probably not completely closed,” said Plíšková amused. “It’s a bit different on the court.”

And by the way, she could not return her flattery for the outfit. “It did not work,” she said. “I was surprised she could play the rules. I do not know what it was. Any neoprene? What I remember, even when it was cold, did not let anyone in long trousers play. But she probably has her rules. That’s the only thing that struck me.Otherwise let him play naked. ”

So much for fashion, back to tennis: the match was balanced, yet with the expected winner. The Czech was nervous – from the adversity, from the backdrops and from my own expectations.

“I have put pressure on myself that it does not play quite well, which is not true. I did it a little alone. Even people perceive that she did not play for a long time, she did not succeed in America, “she said. “I have respect for her, which has also manifested itself. It can be seen that the important moments played all right. It’s still good. ”

It was like playing in the Phillippe Chatrier Arena in the caribbean: eso, ace, ace. “The service kept me,” Plíšková said. “I have to play with the lines, especially with her – when you put it on your body, the returns will return back enough. And good.His service is also flying, five centimeters off the corner. How many times can not be returned. ”

Plíšková read mistakes and times when she rarely got the chance, but she did not take advantage of it for a moment.

” Besides servicing it was not a very good match, “She said self-critically. “I have more games in a row and it’s a bit better, but it’s still not that. Maybe I did not play with Serena, which is terrible to know. I did not read her service, I did not know where to play, so I was moving poorly. When I meet her for the second or third time, it will be better. ”

Specifically, there was more. Williams was giving her time before the filing.And not just before: “She got an ace and needed time to take a break.” Occasionally, she was loud in situations where Plíšková did not expect to: “I gave an ace and she screamed. “Legend goes, loser continues to wait for his first triumph at Roland Garros.

“I’m disappointed, because it’s still a pity in Paris here,” Plíšková said. “But it’s an experience. I like to play in the center. I was nervous – and I was nervous with Serena playing. Lately everything moves forward. “