Adam5811 April 18, 2016

However, the Olympic chance of Markéta Sluková and Barbora Hermannová has not yet completely extinguished. If the Czechs managed the Saturday’s bronze duel and finished third, they could still play in Rio in the final qualifying session in Sochi.

In Stavanger, for the Olympics instead of 16 pairs in both categories, only the overall winner gets to Rio. The semi-final with the Netherlands ended up defeating 0: 2 for the Czech team. Slukové with Hermann’s duel with Braakman, Sinnema, despite the promising start, did not pay much in the rain and winter for a lot of service errors.

The Slukove and Hermann, who won the European Championship at the beginning of June, ran out of power. In addition, the second one betrayed the psyche, because from the second set she could not hit the field by filing.Although Hermann compensated the mistakes with a good attack, the Czechs did not work out the necessary pressure on the Dutch.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to bring the balanced match to the winning end and lost in the third set in the heavy rain. There was no service at all in the abbreviated package. A lot of them ended up in a tiny car and it finally decided, ”Sluková said. “We knew we had to win, so we might even have a chance to fight for the final in the decisive match.” But that was not the case, so we will fight for at least bronze, ”she added.

Austrian coach of Czech couple Simon Nausch was angry with the players for the bad service in the tie-break.Immediately after the match, he gave them a 20-minute training session in the rain and fourteen-degree cold on the training ground. “To realize why they lost. Next time, such mistakes won’t happen so easily. They had tears in their eyes after their disappointment, but they carried it bravely, and therefore they have a great future ahead of them, ”Nausch said.

The two won four games in two days and lost in the fifth. “The only ones played golden match every day, and it was a matter of time before they could lose. It happened, but I am proud of them that it was after the fight.We concentrate on advancing to Sochi and there we try to use our chance, ”said coach Nausch. . \ t The owners of silver and bronze will still be playing for the Olympics from July 6 to 10 at the Sochi World Qualification, where the remaining two Rio seats will be in play.