Adam5811 January 27, 2016

This time, Michael Uhrova will not be on the pitch anymore, who is only in the role of a coach. However, he has a significant substitute for many years in the five-figure basketball show by Roman Hejdová. Along with her, Uhrová has nominated another representative in the classic basketball team Kristýna Minarovičová from Hradec Králové, her teammate Andrea Oveskova and an expert pivot for Romana Stehlíková from Košice .

As the only one in the world championship 3×3 Minarovičová, who finished last quarter in quarter with Uhrovou, Tereza Vorla and Kateřina Novotná.

But Stehlicka represented the European Games in 2015 in Baku, and Hejd has won several European and World Championships in the Five Basketball and the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.And she would like to return to five circles after 12 years.

“Tokio’s vision is there if I’m healthy. And it would be great if it was successful. That’s why we’re here. “If I ended my career in Tokyo, it would be such a cherry on the cake,” she said at a press conference. But to get one of eight places at the Olympic tournament, however, the Czechs need to be among the two best European countries in the FIBA ​​ranking, where they are currently tenth. Otherwise, they will have to win a qualifying tournament.

“The success of the World Championship is important for putting on other tournaments, and it’s also preparing for next year when the points will be counted for the Olympics.If we did not get there by the ladder, we will have to win a qualifying tournament and we will need the most experienced team there, “said Uhrova.

The Czech ensemble played for the first time in the tournament of the Chance 3×3 Tour series in Ostrava, where last weekend won the first prize. He will now go to France for the BIG 12 weekend tournament, followed by a transfer to the Manila Championship.

In the group MS, the Czechs will compete with Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Italy and Malaysia, with Venezuela being the most deployed favorites for two points to the quarterfinals.

“We are going to win there or at least for the medal. In triple basketball, everything is possible.Los was very good, the goal is the move from the group and then we will see what happens in the quarterfinals where we will meet the best European teams, “said Uhrova.

The players are waiting for an unusual atmosphere because around the court there will be a tribune for 20 a thousand fans.

“Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines, almost everybody plays there and basketball players are the biggest stars there. I can not imagine how twenty thousand people walk around a small court. What will he do with the orientation in space, how much will be behind the basket of space. We’ll see you after the first practice, “Uhrová added.