Andy April 6, 2018

According to Pilsen’s deputy Martin Zeman, the Thursday match of the European League team on the Austria’s Vienna arena is absolutely crucial. But he thinks victory Victorian players would have made a significant contribution to the struggle for progress.

“We are all looking forward to a hard fight, but if we did it, it could help us a lot “Every match in the European League is important and every point counts, especially from outside,” Zeman told reporters before departure.

He does not think much more about Austria losing the last two matches in the Austrian League . “We’ve seen her on the video, it’s definitely my quality.We won the Champions League (in Teplice 1: 0), but we did not manage to play the game, but they did not win, “he said. week home at home EL won the 1: 1 draw with AS Rome’s biggest favorite. “Maybe for some self-esteem it’s good, but every match is played from scratch and we will try to show better football to be a point success, “

With Austrian football he has the experience in the 2011/12 season hosted by Wacker Mödling from Sparta in Prague.When I was looking at Austria now, he was the only player I was there when I was there, “Zeman said.

After arriving from Zion in August, he quickly caught up with Victoria and fought for a place in the base line. “I take it so good that it’s a good start because it’s doing well. Anyway, I know that there is something in my game to improve, certainly the border is still somewhere else. I’m doing it and I hope the performances will go up and we will still be successful “, declared the native of Tábor.

” I wanted to come to Pilsen to play, I did not sit on the bench . Of course, the competition is huge here. There are representatives, young good boys.Everyone else in the training has to make it worthwhile, “added Zeman.

He is not too concerned with the fact that he is one of the substitutes of the Czech team for the October duels of the World Championship in Germany and Azerbaijan. “Everybody will be happy, but it’s just under the line, so it’s so insignificant. But it’s motivation to do another job. It is surely my dream to get to the event at least, “said Zeman.

But he feels that he has a better chance of getting to the national team than his previous clubs. “I know it’s pointless to deal with such things and to knit my head, concentrating on every upcoming game, that’s the most important thing for me.But from Pilsen it is definitely closer to the representation than to Příbram or Sion, “said the former youth representative.